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Charge Cubacel mobile phone
With Fonmoney, you can charge a cuban mobile phone within seconds and only pay a little fee. Wherever in the world you are, charge a cubacel mobile phone by following these three easy steps:
  • Fill in the cuban mobile phone number and klick 'charge now'
  • Choose an amount
  • Choose a payment method
Within a few seconds the Cubacel phone will be recharged. It is so simple!
get Pay now
500.0000 19.9000
700.0000 29.0000
Recharge AIS debit card
If you want to support your family in Cuba financially you can recharge an AIS debit card.
An AIS debit card has a lot of advantages for you: the receiver can use the card at any ATM in Cuba and can also pay by card in a lot of shops. But the most important thing is: the AIS recharge takes no more than 72 hours and the receiver carries no costs.
If your family does not yet have an AIS debit card you can apply for a free card within your first transaction. It can be picked up by the receiver in one of the FINCIMEX offices.
Send money to Cuba from Europe
If you prefer sending money to be picked up in cash in Cuba, you can also do so with Fonmoney.
Our money transfer service is characterized by safety, efficiency and ease of use. After you have entered the data of your family member and decided on a payment method, our specialists will take care of your transaction with security.
Within a short period of time, your money will be in one of many Cuban banks ready for cash pick up and your family can be happy! It has never been so easy to send money from Europe to Cuba!
Transfer money to a bank account
You can also transfer money from your bank account to a CUP bank account in Cuba. If your recipient owns a CUP bank account from the Banco Metropolitano or the Banco Popular de Ahorro you can transfer money to the bank account in Cuba within 5 to 7 working days. You can transfer up to 5,000 CUP to a Cuban bank account every 30 working days.

Nauta recharge
Of course you can also recharge a Nauta account with Fonmoney!
Thousands of cubans use the internet daily to be near their families abroad. Do not hesitate and recharge a Nauta account for your relatives to be in touch at any time. Just like our Cubacel mobile phone recharges, Nauta recharges are easy to do and within seconds your family can use their Nauta account in Cuba.
Four different ways to stay in touch with your friends and family in Cuba
"How can I send money from Europe to Cuba?", "Where can I recharge a Cuban Nauta account?", When does the Doble Saldo Cubacel promotion start?" Fonmoney deals with all the questions that the abroad living Cubans have. We have made it our mission to offer you the best service to stay in touch with your relatives and friends in Cuba. Make Cubacel mobile phone charges, send money to your loved ones or recharge an AIS card or a Nauta account. 4 different ways with the same idea: support your friends and family in Cuba as quickly as possible and in the most efficient way. Fonmoney offers you transparent service with no hidden fees! Feel a bit closer to Cuba - with Fonmoney!