How do I pay for a transaction to Cuba?

Would you like to support your family in Cuba financially? Then Fonmoney is right for you!
We can guarantee the safety of every transaction because of our collaboration with Cuban Banks and the Cuban financial institution.

A transaction can be carried out online from anywhere in den EU.
There is only one more question: How do you pay for a transaction to Cuba with Fonmoney?

Fonmoney offers you three payment options:

• Pay by credit card
You can pay online by credit card (Visa, MasterCard)

• Pay by sofort banking
You can pay online by direct banking (SOFORT banking)

• Pay by bank transfer
At the end of your transaction you will see an overview including the costs of your transaction and Fonmoneys bank information. Within 3 days you can transfer the amount to our bank account. You can do so via online banking or in the bank of your trust.

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Recharge Philippine prepaid number from India with Fonmoney!

Do you live in India and have friends or family in the Philippines? Do you travel to the Philippines and are using a Philippine prepaid number? There are many reasons to send load from India to a Philippine mobile phone.


How to recharge a Philippine phone number from India

Recharging a mobile phone is very simple and can be done in less than 5 minutes!


Simply fill in the Philippine mobile number,

Choose the amount of load you want to send from India

and pay online with an international credit card, Paysafecard or via direct banking.


The three biggest providers Globe Philippines, Smart Philippines and Sun Cellular Philippines can all be recharged with Fonmoney! Send load from India now

recharge mobiles online in phillipines

Is it safe to send money to Cuba with Fonmoney?

For customers it is often hard to tell whether they can trust an online service or not. We would like to take away all of your fears concerning Fonmoney by telling you everything about our company emergence, our partners and how our service works.


Fonmoney was founded in 2012 and started as a worldwide mobile phone charging service. Since 2014 you can recharge Cuban Cubacel mobile phones with Fonmoney and since 2016 it is possible to recharge Nauta accounts on our webpage. We quickly noticed that the Cuban families needed more than that, so we started to look for a way to make money transfer to Cuba possible.


Who are Fonmoney’s partners?  


Fonmoney is licenced by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). The FCA is a UK financial regulator that gives authorization to financial services like Fonmoney.


Fincimex is the Cuban Tax authority from which the free AIS cards are provided. In order to be able to offer the fastest possible money transfer, we not only cooperate with FINCIMEX, but also with the Cuban banks Metropolitan Bank, International Financial Bank and Popular Savings Bank.


You can read our excellent customer reviews on the independent rating platform Turstpilot and on our Facebook page. Many of our customers have known and used us for many years to charge Cubacel mobile phones. We now want new customers to see us as the safe and reliable service we have been for years.


To transfer money to Cuba you must first create a user account. In special cases, you must also identify through our partner company HooYu. HooYu is specialized in verifying users, so we can exclude the misuse of our service and at the same time guarantee the security of your transaction!

Verification must take place in the following cases:

  • ● (Recipient) Country-specific regulations
  • ● when exceeding a certain amount
  • ● at high transfer frequency


How does it actually work?

After creating a free user account you can choose between our money transfer options: You can either recharge an AIS debit card (Creat a new AIS card for free) or send money to be picked up in cash. After you have filled in the receiver data and completed the payment successfully our Team at Fonmoney will edit your transaction as fast as possible.


We always try to provide you with the most up-to-date exchange rate, but since we depend on our cooperation with the Cuban banks, our exchange rate depends on their price. Depending on the method you choose, your money will arrive between 3 hours and 7 days in Havana, and between 3 hours and 15 days in any other province in Cuba. We will contact you and the receiver via mail and/or via text message as soon as your transaction is completed and your money arrived in Cuba. Our customer service is available at any time. Do not hesitate to contact Fonmoney for any question:

is secure send money to cuba with fonmoney

Read up how to take through a transaction step by step on our webpage:

Send money to Cuba  Recharge AIS debit card

Recharge tourist sim cards in Thailand: dtac Happy Tourist & AIS Traveller Sim

The next Thailand holiday is coming up? Your next business trip takes you to Thailand? For those who want to stay online during their vacation in Thailand the providers AIS & dtac offer special Sim cards for tourists. This gives you the opportunity to stay online, make calls and text while staying in Thailand for very little money.

Once you have bought a tourist sim card, you can recharge it online with Fonmoney. You do not have to interrupt your holiday and can easily recharge online credit from the terrace of your bungalow or a fishing boat by the sea!

AIS Traveller Sim card
Traveller SIM 599 BAHT: 6GB Internet for 15 days, 100 BAHT Bonus
Traveller SIM 299 BAHT: 3GB Internet for 8 days, 100 BAHT Bonus
Traveller SIM 49 BAHT: Pay-as-you-go card
To get the current available balance, dial *121#

Domestic costs: 3BAHT/SMS, 5BAHT/MMS, 1BAHT/Minute
Costs abroad: 5BAHT/SMS, 15BAHT/MMS, costs/minute depends on the selected country.

Dtac Happy Tourist Sim card
Happy Tourist 299BAHT: Super 4G Internet unlimited for 8 days, calls up to 100BAHT
Happy Tourist 599BAHT: Super 4G Internet unlimited for 15 days, calls up to 100BAHT
Happy Tourist 49BAHT: tariff that can be personalized with additional packages
Happy Tourist 199BAHT: Super 4G Internet unlimited for 7 days, free calls to all happy tourist users
Costs: 3BAHT/SMS, 5BAHT/MMS, 0.99BAHT/minute, 2BAHT/MB

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Recharge mobile phones in Senegal with Fonmoney!

It was never so easy to top up mobile phones in Senegal online! No matter if you want to recharge your own Senegalese telephone or a phone of a friend in Senegal: Fonmoney has the best prize!

You can recharge mobile phones in Senegal in three easy steps:

Visit our website and fill in the telephone number you want to recharge.

Choose the amount you want to top up: 4920XOF, 9840XOF or 19680XOF.

To complete the transaction you have to pay: you can do so by credit card (visa, MasterCard), direct banking or Paysafecard.


After your successful payment the mobile phone in Senegal will be recharged within seconds and you can use it immediatley. You can always contact if you have any questions. We are happy to help!

Recharge mobile phones in Senegal

Click here to recharge a mobile phone in Senegal now! 

Recharge Philippine mobile phones from India with Fonmoney!

Would you like to know how you can recharge Philippine telephone numbers from India online?


With Fonmoney it is simple and fast to recharge all prepaid cards from India.


Simply follow three steps to get your Philippine mobile phone recharged from India:

Fill in the Philippine telephone number and press 'Charge now'

Choose the amount you want to top up: 300PHP or 500PHP

Pay by credit card (Visa, MasterCard), direct banking or Paysafecard.


Fonmoney's service is fast, safe and easy to use.

See for yourself and send load to the Philippines from India!

recharge mobiles online in phillipines

Fonmoney - Send mobile recharge around the world online!

Good news for all Cubacel users! The 30 second rate is now abolished!

Etecsa reduces the cost of national calls on Cubacel phones. From now on, you will not pay the 30 seconds rate, but per second spoken.


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Until now you had to pay 30 seconds to 0.30 CUC for every call on a Cubacel phone, even if you did not speak for 30 seconds. From now on, you will only pay for what you speak!


For example, if you are talking on the phone for 12 seconds, you will pay 0.07 CUC.

You will safe a lot of credit if you only make short calls. In addition, the new rule also applies to additional credits that you have received during one of our Cubacle promotions.


With Fonmoney you can recharge your Cubacel mobile phone at any time and the best price!

Send mobile credit from phone to phone in Cuba!

Etecsa finally gives you the opportunity to send mobile credit from one phone to another within Cuba!

Each credit transaction has a minimum value of 0,30 CUC and maximum value of 2.999,70 CUC.
Credit transfers can be made every 24 hours, but the recipient can receive multiple credits from different mobile phone numbers.

And that is how it works:

First, you have to enter the access code * 234 # and press 'call'.

A menu with two options appears:

-Transfer credit
-Change Password


If you make a credit transfer for the first time, it is recommended to change the default password.

Now press on 'Transfer credit'

In the next step, enter the phone number, the amount of credit you want to transfer and your password.

A warning message appears: check the entered data and confirm or cancel your credit transfer.

Finally, you and your recipient will be notified about the credit transfer via text message. In case of difficulties call the number 52642266 and 118 to contact the company.

To be able to send mobile credit from one phone in Cuba to another phone your own credit must be sufficiently charged. 

To ensure this, you can always use Fonmoney to charge your Cuban mobile phone!

Create and recharge AIS card in Cuba!

Since we offer money transfer to Cuba, our customers have asked a lot of questions: What is an AIS card? How does an AIS card work? How much does it cost to create an AIS card? How long does it take to create an AIS card? How long does it take to recharge an AIS card? How do I load an existing AIS card?


geld senden cuba blog bild en

In this blog post we would like to answer all the questions and give you an overview of everything you need to know about AIS cards.


1. What is an AIS card?
With an AIS card Cubans are able to receive money from abroad on the AIS card. They can either pay directly with the AIS card or withdraw money at any ATM on the island. The cards were developed by the Cuban office FINCIMEX so family member from abroad could support Cubans with money transfers.



2. How much does it cost to create an AIS card?
Nothing! Creating a new AIS card in Cuba is free of charges. With Fonmoney you can request a free AIS card in the course of your first recharge transaction. Your relatives can pick up the card at a FINCIMEX office in Cuba of your choice.


3. How long does it take to recharge an AIS card? How long does it take to create an AIS card?
Recharging an existing AIS card is the fastest way to send money to Cuba! Your money will be recharged on the AIS card within 3 to 12 hours.


If you have to create a new AIS card for your recipient you can do so within your first transaction at Fonmoney. The new AIS card is free of charges, but it may take a bit longer because FINCIMEX has to check the validity of the data first. It may take up to 7 days if the recipient lives in Havana and to 15 to 20 days if the recipient lives in another province of Cuba. As soon as the new card is created you and your recipient will be contacted via e-mail and the recharged AIS card can be picked up at a FINCIMEX office of your choice.


4. Where can the new AIS card be picked up?
The recipient can pick up the new AIS card at a FINCIMEX office in Cuba of your choice. While creating the AIS card you can choose from a list of FINCIMEX offices, we advise you to choose the office that is closest to your recipient.


The list of FINCIMEX offices in Cuba:



Provincia Dirección
BARACOA Martí No. 356, Baracoa, Guantánamo
BAUTA Ave. 251 No. 13015, Bauta
CAMAGÜEY Gral Gómez 105 con Independencia y Maceo
CIEGO DE ÁVILA Calle Cuba con Honorato del Castillo y Maceo
CIENFUEGOS Calle 33 entre 56 y 58
GRANMA Ctra. Vía Santiago Edif. The News, Bayamo
GUANTÁNAMO Crombet entre Los Maceo and La Línea
GÜINES Calle 86 esq 45, Güines
HOLGUIN Frexes Esq. Calle Carbo
ISLA DE LA JUVENTUD Calle 39 e / 30 y 32. Altos del Servicupet. El parque
HABANA Ave. 3rd No. 408 e / 4 y 6, Playa
LAS TUNAS Ave. 1 de Mayo s / n Esq. A 45 La Victoria
MATANZAS Calzada de Esteban Esq. San Ambrosio, Pueblo Nuevo, Matanzas
MOA Ave. 1 de Mayo s / n Moa
PINAR DEL RÍO Luis Pérez Esq. Gerardo Medina s / n Pinar del Río
SANCTI SPÍRITUS Ave. de los Mártires s / n Esq. Circunvalante Olivos 1
SANTIAGO DE CUBA Felix Pena No. 565 e / Jose A. Saco y Aguilera
TRINIDAD Fausto Pelayo s / n, Servicentro Oro Negro, Trinidad, St.Spiritus
VARADERO 1st Street Ave. e / 15 and 16
VILLA CLARA Ctra. Ctral. Morata and / San Pedro and Virtudes



5. Does the recipient get the money in EUROS or CUC?

The recipient always receives CUC. At Fonmoney you always get the current exchange rate and you can see the end amount of CUC while completing the transaction. 


6. How much does an AIS recharge cost?

The transfer fee for our transactions is 7,5 €. No matter if you want to recharge 10 € or 100 €, it always stays the same. It makes no difference if you recharge a new AIS card or an already existing. The recipient does not have to pay any taxes or fees.


7. Is it necessary to own a bank account to use an AIS card?

No, the recipient of your transaction does not need to have a bank account in Cuba. Transferring money to an AIS card is quicker and safer than a bank transfer.


8. Where can I get money with an AIS card?

With an AIS card you can withdraw money at any ATM or at any bank in Cuba. Many shops and stores also accept AIS cards as payment method.


We hope we could answer all of your questions about AIS cards, but if not, do not hesitate to contact at any time. We are happy to help!


➜ Create or recharge a new AIS card!

Mobile Nauta Internet for Cuba in 2018!



The typical image of Cubans gathered around Wi-Fi points in Cuban cities may change in 2018! ETECSA plans to give every Cuban with a Nauta account the opportunity of Internet access in their homes. 


This news, announced by the president of Etecsa Mayra Arevich, represents an enormous advance in the private communications of the island, and allows Cubans to have internet at home, and anywhere else on the island, without needing to be in a public Wi-Fi spot.


Until now only a few professionals such as doctors or journalists could have internet at home. However, with this measure, any Cuban with a Nauta account will have Internet access from his own home. At an unbeatable price! 


As we already informed you a few months ago, recharging a Nauta account is now cheaper with Fonmoney. An hour of internet costs 1 CUC. If you recharge a Nauta account with 15 CUC the holder will be able to use Internet for 15 hours in Cuba!


We at Fonmoney are happy about the great news and will continue to offer you the fastest and cheapest service to recharge Nauta accounts in Cuba. 


➜ And remember, you can also send money to Cuba from Europe with Fonmoney!


We wish all Cubans a good start into the new year 2018!

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