Send money to Cuba: Fonmoney makes it easy for you!

Our Customers have been asking us for a service to send money to Cuba as reliable and secure as our Cubacel Top-ups, and we can finally offer it to you.

With Fonmoney you have the possibility of sending money remittances to Cuba from Europe to your relatives in two different ways:

1 Recharge an AIS debit card: AIS cards are a known and accepted payment method in Cuba. With Fonmoney you can recharge an AIS card for your Family within 24 hours or create a new one for free.

2 Send money to be picked up in cash: another way to send money to Cuba with Fonmoney is to transfer money to a Cuban bank. The recipient can pick up the money at a bank location of your choice without owning a bank account. He just needs to identify himself with an ID.
If you send money to a bank in Havana the money is ready to be picked up after two hours. Any other bank in Cuba will provide the money within three business days.


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The uncomplicated way to send money to Cuba is Fonmoney!


Register on our website for free, choose between the two methods of sending money and fill in recipient information and the amount you want to send. After successfully going through the payment process we will take good care of your transaction.


If you have any questions about money transfer to Cuba visit our website with frequently asked questions or contact us directly on [email protected].

Recharge mobile phones in Croatia with Fonmoney!

Do you own a Croatian phone? Or do you have friends or family that uses a Croatian mobile phone?


With Fonmoney you can recharge Croatian mobile phones, no matter if you are there at the moment or if you want to recharge the phone of a friend from abroad.


You do not have to register at Fonmoney, all you need is the telephone number you would like to recharge. With Fonmoney you can recharge mobile phones from the providers Vip, Hrvatski Telekom (T-Mobile) and Tele2. After you filled in the number you can choose an amount you would like to recharge. Our payment methods are credit card (Visa, MasterCard), direct banking (SOFORT banking) and Paysafecard.


Right after the successful payment you can use your phone or the phone of your recipient. It will be recharged within seconds!


Recharge prepaid croatia


➜ Recharge a mobile phone in Croatia!

How to send money abroad without a credit card

Send money and pay with bank transfer
We have good news for those who are interested in money transfer with Fonmoney but don't have a credit card.

We offer you the opportunity to send money and pay with bank transfer!


This new payment method has many advantages for you:

You don’t need a credit card to send money to your loved ones. All you need is a bank account.
The money will be transferred from your bank account to Fonmoneys bank account. After receiving your money, we will complete the transaction and make sure the receiver gets your money as fast as possible.
If you have access to online banking you can make the payment from home without having to go to the bank.


How can I send money abroad and pay by bank transfer with Fonmoney?


1. First, create a free account with Fonmoney. Then select the country you want to send money to. In the next step, you fill out the account details of your recipient and, of course, you choose the amount that you want to send abroad.

2. Select "Bank transfer" as your payment method.


3. In the next step you will have an overview of your transfer. This page contains the amount of your bank transfer, the reference number and bank account details of Fonmoney. At this stage, your transaction will be stored in the Fonmoney records, but it will not be completed yet. To complete the transaction you must make the transfer to us first. It is only a small step to complete your transaction and we will send your money to your recipient as soon as we receive your transfer!


4. Paying by bank transfers is very easy and fast. Just make sure to enter the IBAN and Fonmoney's BIC correctly during the transfer and add the reference number of your transaction. The reference number will look like this: FON-4900760111-23722. Be sure to enter the correct reference number so we can match your transaction successfully.


5. Your order will be stored in our system for three business days. We will send you an overview of your transaction and all the necessary data the by email. If you want to do the bank transfer at the bank office of your trust it is best to print out the email. This way you have all the needed data on one page.


6. Once we have received your money in our Fonmoney bank account, we will send it to the recipient abroad safely and as quickly as possible.

Money transfers with Fonmoney are fast, secure and always effective.
We have a lot of experience with money transfers in different countries all over the world and are happy to expand our offer with Money transfers to Cuba.


➜ Don’t miss your chance and make your loved ones happy by sending money to Cuba!

Recharge Nauta in Cuba with Fonmoney!

November has started with great news: Nauta refills are cheaper now!
The internet service of Etecsa has reduced its price.

nauta bild blog2


Before, an hour of internet with a Nauta account costed 1.5CUC, but since last week an hour of internet only costs 1 CUC.

This means: if you recharge a Nauta account in Cuba with 15 CUC, your recipient will be able to surf for 15 hours!

Great news for all Cubans who live abroad and want to stay in touch with their family and friends on the island!
(The offer is for international Nauta accounts with the format [email protected] only.)


➜ Do not miss this great opportunity and recharge a Nauta account with Fonmoney!


Top-up mobiles in Thailand without registration!



It’s our favourite kind of surprise, the kind where you can save money! As of right now, sending top-ups to Thailand costs even less

Send top-ups to Thai mobiles for THB 200, THB 300, THB 500, or THB 800! Fonmoney has the unique advantage that we
do not charge hidden fees, that using our site is super easy and very fast. Your money is safe too! 

How to use Fonmoney, in these simple steps:

  1. Go to, select Thailand and enter the number of the recipient.
  2. Decide how much you want to send, we offer THB 200, THB 300, THB 500, or THB 800!
  3. Choose how you wish to pay. At Fonmoney, you can pay with your credit card, a direct wire via SOFORT Überweisung or Paysafecard. 
  4. That is it! As soon as the transaction is complete (this takes only seconds!), the recipient gets a notification, and can start making calls immediately!

Don’t waste another minute, and send money home to friends and family in Thailand today, just in time for spring!

What is the IBAN?

 Sending money with Fonmoney is safe and fast. Send money now!


The Internet can be a scary place. And we worry about safety, and security, and putting our money in the hands of others always comes with questions. No problem! Fonmoney is here to answer those questions!


What is the IBAN?


IBAN stands for International Bank Account Number. When the SEPA was introduced, the IBAN replaced the old format account number. It is the international version of the account number, and helps us carry out financial transactions across borders. For more information on the SEPA, please click here.


Why does the IBAN look like it does?


The countries vary slightly, but we have laid it out using the United Kingdom.

GBcc bbbb ssss ssaa aaaa aa


c - check code

b - bank code

s - sort code

a - account number


Where can I find it?


Since the IBAN is necessary to make any international transfers, you definitely need to know where to find it!


First check the documentation you received from the bank when opening your bank account. Usually the IBAN is right there in the contract. If you can’t find it, there are calculators online, or you could even call your bank. If you are a user of online banking you can also find the IBAN directly in your personal account.


If you have any other questions about IBAN or anything else please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected]

What is SEPA - The advantages of sending money with Fonmoney!

SEPA_Fonmoney Money Transfer




What is SEPA?


In 2008, Europe introduced a new form of payments with Euro, called the SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area). It was an initiative by the European Payments Council, and is supported by a vast majority of European governments and banks as a way of simplifying international and national bank transfers.


The SEPA initiative means that all citizens and companies in Europe can send and receive money on equal terms. So a person living in Italy can send money to e.g. Romania, retaining the same rights and legal obligations as when making a transfer within Italy.


Thanks to the SEPA, money transfers can be made increasingly faster among the 27 members countries of the European Union as well as Liechtenstein, Iceland, Norway, Switzerland and Monaco.


Advantages to making SEPA transactions with Fonmoney

The creation of the SEPA has altered a few aspects of a traditional money transfer:

- You can now make transfers within the SEPA region from a single bank account, eliminating international payment barriers.

- Current credit cards are now safer thanks to the EMV security chip, which requires every customer to enter a PIN for each individual online purchase.

- Bank accounts now have two codes: the IBAN (International Bank Account) and the BIC (Bank Identifier Code). Using these makes for faster and more efficient transfers.

-Online transactions are becoming increasingly popular because customers can  monitor and track payments via mobile devices or electronic invoices.


Fonmoney has been able to implement these new measures to offer one of the safest and most effective international money transfer services on the Internet.


Sending money to other countries is unbelievably easy with Fonmoney! Just visit our website, enter the IBAN of the recipient and choose the amount of the transfer. That is all, because Fonmoney does not charge any fees!

Money transfers with Fonmoney are now even faster and safer thanks to the HooYu verification system!

➜ Send money with Fonmoney in the safest and fastest way


Fonmoney has reason to celebrate! As of October 12 we have been able to count on the invaluable help from HooYu to improve our bank transfers.


The company is specialised in identification technology, which we have integrated into our site to assist in verifying our customers’ identity. We know that money transfers are serious and important, so we make sure to supervise and control every step during the security process of the transaction. And thanks to HooYu, we now use accurate facial recognition analysis in order to verify ID documents, making every transaction faster, easier and safer for our clients.


There are three ways to identify yourself for our system:

- Take a selfie

- Share your Facebook or LinkedIn profile

- Take a photo of your ID card, passport or driving license


This process is now not only better in protecting against fraud and risky operations, but it’s easy and accessible.


This news was received with applause from experts in the bank transfer sector. In addition to HooYu’s article on our new collaboration, many Internet portals have also started to follow us in using this recognition technology.


MobileIDWorld has reported the increased speed and security of money transfers with Fonmoney, and Biomé agrees, while noting that the Fonmoney processes are also increasingly efficient. The financial portals The PaypersFinextra and Planet Biometric have highlighted the extra security Fonmoney now offers for making money transfers.


The most important thing for us at Fonmoney is the security of your money. That is why we are so happy we have been to go a step further in our collaboration with HooYu to offer our clients more transparent and secure services.

To find out more about Fonmoney's safety and legitimacy klick here.

Top-up Pakistan from UK!

With a population of over 1,1 million Pakistanis, the United Kingdom is currently home to Europe’s largest Pakistani population.

That said, Fonmoney is so happy to announce that you can now send top-ups from the UK to Pakistan! We support all major mobile phone providers: Mobilink/Warid, telenor, Zong and Ufone!

It has never been easier or safer to send recharge to Pakistan and because you do not have to register to send, the whole thing can even be anonymous! Try it out today at


Top-up mobiles in Pakistan with Fonmoney!



Fonmoney is delighted to announce that we now offer top-ups to Pakistan!


You can send mobile recharge online to all popular Pakistani providers Mobilink/Warid, Telenor, Zong and Ufone! It has never been easier to load airtime to pre-paid mobile numbers within just minutes, and because there is no need to register at Fonmoney, the entire transaction can remain anonymous! Send top-ups to family and friends, relatives and colleagues in Pakistan!


Surprise someone with a mobile top-up today!

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