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Sending amount Transfer fee Payment processing fee
100 EUR 7.50 EUR 0 EUR
Your total Receivable amount
107.50 EUR 2778 CUP
Exchange rate
1 EUR = 27.7779 CUP
FCA regulated
AIS Prepaid Credit Card

  • Fast: AIS cards are the fastest way to send money to Cuba. An existing card will be recharged within 24 to 72 hours (on workdays).
  • Easy: We take care of the bureaucracy so you can send money to Cuba easy and safe.
  • Safe: Fonmoney has a 100% refund warranty.
  • Fixed price: €7.50 per transfer, regardless of the chosen amount.
  • Free AIS card: if your recipient does not have an AIS card yet, you can get an AIS card free of costs within your first transfer.
Send money to Cuba