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With Fonmoney you can recharge Mexican cell phones: AT&T, Alo Mexico, Cierto Mexico, Movistar Mexico, OUI Mexico, Telcel Mexico, Unefon Mexico USD, or Virgin Mexico online and also send money to Mexico to a bank account from Europe with full guarantee.
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150.0000 6.9000 5.9917391262400536421940236228 7.5586387087281927838706798612 69.234177844133729217870761874 70.233814842775790583190022153
300.0000 13.9000 12.070315051411122554564772226 15.226822905988678216782963778 139.47174957006649798962370870 141.48551106008456363860018956
500.0000 23.1000 20.059300553064527410823470389 25.305007850959601928610536927 231.78398669557813694678472454 235.13059751711895108285355243
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100.00 EUR 2404.19 MXN
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1 EUR = 24.0418 MXN
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