Send Money to Cuba from Canada with Fonmoney

Fonmoney now offers services for sending money to Cuba from Canada. Previously focused on Europe, Fonmoney is expanding to serve Canadian customers with extensive experience and reliable service. Our services include sending cash, money transfers, MLC cards, MLC bank accounts, Cubacel top-ups, super bonuses, goods shipping, and Nauta recharges. Subscribe to our newsletter for the latest offers!

Send cash in USD to Cuba with Fonmoney Cuba.

Our New Service: Cash Transfer to Cuba

With Fonmoney, you can now send cash directly to Cuba. Our new service provides a secure, fast, and fee-free way to provide financial assistance to your loved ones in Cuba. Discover how easy it is to transfer cash and take advantage of this new service today!

Facilitando el Envío de Dinero desde Florida a Cuba: La Nueva Oferta de Fonmoney Cuba

Fonmoney Cuba abre un nuevo capítulo en la transferencia de dinero de Florida a Cuba, permitiendo a los residentes de Florida enviar dinero a sus seres queridos de manera fácil y segura. Con un servicio en línea simple y rápido, Fonmoney Cuba ofrece transparencia, confiabilidad y atención al cliente de primera clase para garantizar que sus transferencias sean suaves y libres de estrés

Fonmoney's current Cubacel promotion

update: 01.02.2024:

01.02.24. - 29.02.24.

Cubacel x 5!

500 CUP = 2500 CUP 75 CUP = 14 GB + 75 Min + 80 SMS

Main balance valid for 330 days.

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Fonmoney Services for Chile

Fonmoney is pleased to offer a range of services to our customers in Chile. With Fonmoney, you can now easily send money to Chile.

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With years of experience in the industry, you can trust that Fonmoney handles your money transfer with the utmost care and security.

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