Cubacel x 5 Bonus and unlimited internet for you!


Dear friends of Fonmoney Cuba, this time we have a new Cubacel promotion that will not leave anyone indifferent:

From November 4th to 15th, 2022 (GMT - 5) every time you recharge a Cubacel cell phone you will receive a balance multiplied by 5 and unlimited internet for 30 days!

500 CUP = 2500 CUP
750 CUP = 3500 CUP + unlimited internet for 30 days
1000 CUP = 5000 CUP + unlimited internet for 30 days

Unlimited internet data applies 30 days between the hours of 00:00 am to 7:00 am.

With this new promotion we want to thank the loyalty of all our customers by giving them the opportunity to be more connected with their loved ones on the island.

If you have any questions about the promotion, you can write to us at [email protected] and we will be happy to answer them.

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New: Send medicine to Cuba

How can I help if someone needs medication in Cuba? How to buy online and send medicine to Cuba. Send Pharmacy products, medicine or products from the drug store to Cuba with Fonmoney Cuba Send remedies for ✅ Headache ✅ Heartburn ✅ Muscle pain ✅ Plasters ✅ Disposable masks ✅ Vitamins ✅ Pharmacy products, ✅ medicine ✅ products from the drug store. Shipping within a very short time. Our partners in Cuba usually deliver on the same (working) day.  Sending medicines and medication to Cuba from all over the world is sometimes prohibited or subject to strict conditions. But how can you still help? Especially now that there is a shortage of medicines in Cuba, quick and easy help is often required.

New green AIS cards with USD (MLC) in Cuba availabel again!

USD (MLC) AIS cards in Cuba

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We are happy to announce that it is again possible to create new AIS USD MLC cards in Cuba with Fonmoney Cuba. The service is available on our website. Thanks for your patience! Remember that green AIS cards are AIS cards that receive USD (MLC) and can be used to purchase in MLC stores. If your recipient needs a magnetic card to shop in MLC stores, this is the card for you. Fincimex delivers the new cards with a waiting time that varies depending on the province in which the recipient is located. To send an AIS USD card to Cuba, click here.

USD (MLC) AIS cards in Cuba

USD (MLC) AIS cards in Cuba

There is a new AIS card in Cuba. The green AIS card is recharged with USD or MLC. Do you want to create a new USD (MLC) AIS card or recharge an USD (MLC) AIS card ? Fonmoney Cuba has been offering sending money in form of USD to Cuba since the beginning of the year. It is possible with the new green USD (MLC) AIS cards. Or you can also send money to a bank account in Cuba in USD (MLC) with Fonmoney Cuba. Since mid-July, over 70 shops in Cuba started to accept the USD (MLC) AIS card in Cuba as a payment method. How can I create a green USD (MLC) AIS card in Cuba? With Fonmoney Cuba it is easy and quick to create a USD AIS card in Cuba. Creating the card does not cost anything. Take the opportunity and send money to Cuba with your first order for a new green AIS card in USD. How can I top up a green USD (MLC) AIS card in Cuba?

Fonmoney is a popular platform for people to transfer money to Cuba. Recharging USD MLC AIS card in Cuba is done within a few minutes and your money is always 100% safe with us. What is MLC? What is the new green USD (MLC) AIS card? MLC stands for “Moneda Libremente Convertible”, meaning: free convertible money. The Cuban government has approved this currency in selected stores. The reason behind this was the use of USD and other foreign currencies on the black market. You cannot use this USD (MLC) money in cash in Cuba, but with the USD (MLC) AIS card, which is now available in Cuba. Sending USD (MLC) to a USD (MLC) bank accounts in Cuba is also possible.

Why does everyone in Cuba suddenly want a green USD (MLC) AIS card?

In mid-July, Cuban Economy Minister Alejandro Gil announced on state television that the 10% tax on the exchange of USD in Cuba will be abolished. At the same time, 72 shops in Cuba use the green AIS card as a payment method. Fonmoney has had experience sending USD to Cuba since early 2020. Both new cards and existing USD AIS cards are created and loaded by and for Cuba. Since the reduction of the 10% tax, the green AIS card with USD or MLC has become interesting in Cuba. Can I withdraw money in Cuba with a green AIS card? Yes. However, the bank may charge a commission for this. We recommend our customers to continue using the blue if CUC in cash is needed in Cuba.

Transfer money to a bank account in Cuba



New Cuba service! Dear Fonmoney Cuba friends, we are pleased to announce that you can now transfer money to a bank account in Cuba. We have expanded our service to make it easier for our customers to transfer money to Cuba, and to match them to your needs. If your recipient has a bank account in Cuba, it is now even easier to transfer money from your EURO account to a CUC bank account in Cuba. Using this method you can make money transfers up to 5,000 CUC every 30 days.

We work with the Cuban banks Banco Metropolitano and Banco Popular de Ahorro to transfer money transfers to Cuba without delay. These types of bank accounts have a credit card format and always start with the digits 92. If your recipient has a bank account of this type, you can also be sure that your money transfer with Fonmoney will arrive safely.

Try our service and transfer money to a bank account in Cuba now!

Do you want to transfer money to a bank account in Cuba from the UK?

Fonmoney's limit for money transfers to Cuba


Many companies offering money transfers to Cuba had to change their transfer limits due to the new embargo against Cuba. To keep you up to date on Fonmoney's Limits for money transfers to Cuba, we have summarized the most important information in this blog article for you.

Can I send only € 1.000 to Cuba within 90 days with Fonmoney?
NO. This limit does not affect Fonmoney. Our limit allows sending higher amounts of money to Cuba.

How much money can I send to Cuba according to Fonmoney's limit?
With a fonmoney account you can send € 5.000 to Cuba within a period of 30 days. If this limit is sufficient for your personal referral needs, you can easily send money to Cuba. It is up to you if you want to send € 5.000 at once or smaller amounts to different receivers.

Is it possible to send a higher amount of money to Cuba with Fonmoney?
Yes, it is possible to send higher amounts of money to Cuba. Our limit for money transfers to Cuba is flexible. We can adjust the limit to the personal needs of our customers on request.

For more information, please contact our customer service via [email protected].

New exchange rates and 0€ transfer fee


At Fonmoney, we are constantly working to improve our service and to meet the needs of our customers. Therefore, we have lowered the prices for transferring money abroad: new, improved exchange rates and no money transfer fees within Europe. From now on sending money to your relatives or paying bills or fines abroad is even cheaper for you. Take advantage of our improved service and send money abroad with Fonmoney.

Our service works as always:
1. Select destination country, sender and receiver currency and amount

For example, send money to Poland or Bulgaria, transfer money to Austria, Germany or Croatia.
Our currency converter will immediately show you our new, improved exchange rate. As you will see, we charge €0 transfer fee.

2. Login or Register
The registration at Fonmoney is free and not binding. In addition, you have many advantages: you get an overview of all your transfers and can repeat past transfers with just a few clicks. By subscribing to our newsletter you will always stay up2date and will be informed about promotions and new offers.

3. Fill in recipient information
Not only you benefit from transfers with Fonmoney. Thanks to our new exchange rates and the €0 transfer fees, you can transfer more money to your beneficiary for the same amount. The recipient will not be charged for the transfer.

4. Pay safely and easily online
The easiest way is to pay by bank transfer. Take advantage of our improved service and pay less for your money transfers abroad, thanks to our improved exchange rates and 0€ transfer fee.

Going to Cuba – everything you need to know about getting money in Cuba


Not sure how much money to bring to Cuba and if you should exchange the money before going to Cuba? Or exchange money to CUC currency in Cuba? Traveling to Cuba with Cash or credit card?

If you plan to go to Cuba you should know about the difficulties to get money on the island. Even though there are ATM’s in Cuba, you cannot always use them. Sometimes they are not filled with money or they don’t accept your foreign credit card. If you don’t want to carry all of your travel budget with you there is a different option how to get cash in Cuba.

Fonmoney offers money transfer to Cuba from Europe. Most of our customers use our servcie to send money to their relatives and friends in Cuba. For this cause, we offer to create AIS debit cards for your Cuban receivers for free. With our service, the AIS debit card can be recharged whenever and as often as you like. AIS debit cards can only be issued to Cuban citizens with a residence in Cuba. As a tourist, you can take advantage of our second money transfer service to Cuba. You can send money to be picked up in cash in a bank branch of your choice. Tourists can use their hotel/residence address in Cuba.

Send money to Cuba now!

To best way to get money in Cuba as a tourist, is to use Fonmoney‘s online service. Select a bank branch close to your residence in Cuba and send an amount of your choice in the currency EUR or GBP. The amount will be converted to CUC at a fair and transparent exchange rate and can be picked up by showing your ID and visa directly at the bank counter

Fonmoney is characterized by its friendly and experienced customer service. If you are unsure about making a tourist transfer or if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us via [email protected]. We are happy to help you!

How can I get CUC in Cuba?

  1. Visit our website and select the country Cuba.
  2. You will see an overview of all our products for Cuba. Choose send cash.

    Cuba BlogBild1
  3. Fill in the amount of money you want to send to Cuba. Our currency converter will show you immediately how much CUC you will receive.

    Cuba BlogBild2
  4. The next step is to create a fonmoney user account. The user account is free of charge and it gives you an overview of all your transfers.
  5. Next, choose the province and exact bank branch where you want to pick up the cash. Fill in your name, e-mail and phone number*. You also have to fill in the address of your hotel/location where you are staying in Cuba.

    Cuba BlogBild3

    *If you don’t own a Cuban telephone, fill in the test number +51234567. There is also a Cuban ID number required. Please fill in 11 times 1. Our system will automatically recognize your transfer as a tourist transfer.   
  6. Pay online by credit card, bank transfer or direct banking. Will be contacted via e-mail once your money is ready for pick up.
  7. Your money will reach banks in Havana within 3 days and other provinces in Cuba in 5 to 7 days.

Sent money can be deposited in a Cuban bank for up to 40 days, which means you can send money to Cuba before starting your trip. There are a few things to pay attention to in order to receive your money without any troubles.

★ Don’t forget your ID: in order to receive the money, you must show your ID and visa at the bank counter. The ID must match the document information used on our website.

★ Please note that you must not wear shorts/beachwear when entering a bank in Cuba.

★ Make sure to allow time for the bank visit. There are waiting times in Cuba quite often. Processes do not work as smoothly and quickly as in Europe.

Fonmoney is licenced and regulated by the british Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Your money is 100% safe with us. Many of our customers use our service to regularly send money not only to Cuba but in many different countries. Our service is rated with 5 out of 5 stars on the independent rating platform Trustpilot. If anything goes wrong or you simply change your mind, you can always take advantage of our 100% money back guarantee.

For your information: you can also recharge Cuban Cubacel mobile phones with Fonmoney.

If you have any questions regarding money transfer to Cuba, contact us. Our support-team is happy to help you and will also respond in any language preferred.

Send money to Cuba now!

You want to send money to South Africa? Everything you need to know about transferring money to South Africa:


Do you want to transfer money to a bank account in South Africa? Fonmoney gives you the best EUR-ZAR exchange rate for money transfer to South Africa and an incredibly low transfer fee. Send money to South Africa and pay €0.99 transfer fee, regardless of the transferred amount. 

How can I transfer money to South Africa?

  1. Visit our website and choose the country South Africa to start a transfer. 
  2. Fill in the amount of money you want to send to the bank account in South Africa. 
  3. Register with Fonmoney. This way, you can transfer money to South Africa more easily in the future. 
  4. Fill in some information about the person in South Africa you are transferring money to.
  5. At last you have to choose one of our payment options. You can pay by credit card, bank transfer or direct banking for your transfer to South Africa. 
  6. We will take care from there on and make sure your money arrives South Africa within 24 hours (on business days).

IMPORTANT: your recipient's bank account must be active for international transfers in order to receive the money. 

Please note that your recipient's bank account must be active for international transfers in order to receive the money you transferred. If your recipient does not know if the bank account is allowed to receive international transfers, please instruct him to call his bank. If your recipient's bank account IS NOT active for international transfers, your recipient can apply for activating the account by going to the bank directly and signing an agreement. The agreement will allow the recipient to receive international money transfers in his bank account in South Africa. 

Fonmoney works with South African banks to provide you the best and fastest money transfer to South Africa. Below, there is a list of all the banks in South Africa to which you can send money with Fonmoney:


Start a transfer to South Africa now!

New service: Send money to Brazil online


We are happy to announce that we - once again - expanded our service: from now on you can send money to Brazil with Fonmoney! No matter if you want to support friends and family in Brazil or you have to send money to Brazil for business reasons, Fonmoney offers you the best service to transfer money to a bank account in Brazil.


Sending money to Brazil is easy, you just need a Fonmoney user account and an European bank account. Our fee for transferring money to Brazil is €0.99, regardless of the amount of money you want to send to Brazil. Thanks to our cooperation with the most popular banks in Brazil you can trust in our service to be safe and fast, your money will arrive in Brazil in short time.


To send money to Brazil you have to fill in the desired amount of money you want to send into our currency converter. It will immediately show you how much BRL your recipient in Brazil will receive. To pay for your transfer you can choose between three payment options: credit card, direct banking and bank transfer. Our customer support is professional and very experienced, we are happy to help you with any case. You can also visit our FAQ's to find out more about sending monay abroad.


Thousands of customers are already using our service regularly, see for yourself and send money to Brazil now!


ATTENTION: Our money transfer to Brazil is currently not available. We are already working hard on fixing it! Please register for our Brazil Newsletter and we will inform you as soon as our service for Brazil is back online.

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