“Fonmoney is set to revolutionize the remittance market!” Mirko Kinigadner, CEO

About Fonmoney:

It’s in the name: Fonmoney. We are one of today’s leading companies for sending money home, either as a mobile top-up or straight into a bank account. We are fast, easy, safe, and not bad to look at either! 

So who is Fonmoney?

We are a young team with headquarters in Vienna, Austria, the land of Mozart and Conchita, Schnitzel and The Sound of Music. We consist of 19 different nationalities and speak a total of 16 languages, and we want more. More people, more languages, more customers. We want you!

We have a variety of interests, we like children, and cats and dogs and guinea pigs, and we like our postman, Kurt.

The beautiful new Fonmoney offices are located in a historic building, but they have A/C, which is very cool. The building is really fancy, so some of us dress up. Some don’t. The bosses don’t mind.

You can reach us by walking up the 87 steps, but can also take the glass art nouveau lift. Most of us take the lift, because it’s gorgeous, and because we prefer to focus our energy on work!

The office has two plants, they are called Hans and Jorge, but we’re thinking of getting some more. Maybe a Betty!

Our customers are located all over the world, and can currently send money home to 22 countries (and we are always adding more). The combination of great and diverse people working in an awesome and constructive environment is what has gotten us this far. Maybe you are the piece that will take us even further!