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With Fonmoney, you can easily recharge Movistar mobile phones from abroad. Whether you have family or friends in Peru or you are abroad yourself, Fonmoney offers a convenient solution. Visit the website, select the desired Movistar credit, and enter the Movistar phone number. Pay securely and quickly with various payment options. Your Movistar Peru mobile phone will be recharged immediately, so you can stay connected. Recharging Movistar mobile phones from abroad with Fonmoney is stress-free and reliable.
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How to recharge your Movistar phone in Peru
  • To start your first Movistar Peru recharge with us, simply enter the Movistar Peru phone number in the form.
  • Then, you can select the amount of the Movistar Peru recharge you want to send to Peru.
  • For the payment of the phone recharge in Peru, we offer various options at Fonmoney, such as credit card, Paysafecard, or instant bank transfers through Sofort Banking.
Movistar Peru
Movistar is a significant telecommunications provider in South America, especially in Peru. With extensive networks, Movistar offers top-notch mobile and internet services. Their commitment to innovation and quality has made them a trusted choice for millions of Peruvians. Movistar offers a wide range of services, from 4G internet to affordable rates for international calls. In Peru, Movistar also supports social projects to promote digital integration and education. The brand has a strong impact on the communication landscape in South America and contributes to connecting the region.
Top Up Movistar Peru with Fonmoney

Top Up Movistar Peru with Fonmoney
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New: It is now possible send money to Peru with Fonmoney! The money is in Peru in a few minutes. Find out more about the options to send money to Peru.
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