Frequently asked questions

What is Fonmoney?

Fonmoney is an online service that allows you to conveniently and easily transfer money to different countries. Fonmoney allows you to directly transfer money to a bank account, saving up to 90% of transaction fees compared to other financial institutions.

With Fonmoney you can also send mobile phone credit worldwide.

Is Fonmoney is a secure website?

Your money and your personal data are 100% secure. The website has a SSL certification, which guarantees that your data will be handled discreetly and in confidence and will not be passed on to third parties.

How is Fonmoney licensed and regulated?

Transpaygo Limited (Fonmoney) is a payment institution (or payment provider) authorized by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) with the reference number: FRN 722528.

Transpaygo Limited (Fonmoney) is regulated by British Financial Services, HMRC, as Money Service Business under license number: 12579512

What does FCA mean?

FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) ist die britische Finanzbehörde, unter deren Aufsicht Fonmoney als Geldtransferunternehmen zugelassen ist. Lizenznummer FRN 722528.

Where can I find reviews about Fonmoney?

You can find customer reviews on the Trustpilot Portal.

If you are using our services (online money transfers or online mobile top-ups), we would be happy if you reviewed us. Your opinion and experiences matter to us!

Who do I contact if I need help?

Do you have questions about your transactions, or require additional information about our services? If you do, just ask our Customer Support at [email protected]! We are happy to answer any questions that may come up.

Do you want to send money to Cuba?

For more information click here.

Any more questions about transferring money with Fonmoney?

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What do the transfer statuses mean in my personal account?

Below we offer detailed information on the status of the transfers that you will find in your personal account of Fonmoney .

In process: The transfer was registered in our system. In this phase, our team of professionals are processing your transfer.
Transfer requested: Our team of professionals accepted your transfer and in this phase the transfer is ready to be sent to the country of destination.
In process by the destination entity: The transfer has already been sent and received in the destination country. In this phase, the entity of the destination country is in charge of processing the transfer.
Completed: : The money is available to your recipient.
Available for collection: The new card is available for the recipient to personally pick up the new card.
Payment not received Because the payment was not made in the allowed period, the transfer was canceled and will not be processed.
Canceled: The transfer has been canceled.
Money returned: The transfer has been canceled and the money returned to the original account. The return may take up to 5 business days to complete depending on your bank.
Payment received: Your payment was received correctly and at this time your transfer will be processed by our team of professionals.
In process: The transfer is being processed. When it is completed we will notify you with a confirmation email.

Any more questions about mobile top-ups with Fonmoney?

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