Send money in cash to Rapipago Argentina

Rapipago: The fastest way to send money to Argentina

The quickest way to send money to Argentina is to send it for cash pickup at a Rapipago office in Argentina. Sending cash to Rapipago Argentina from abroad is a smart choice for seamless financial transactions. With its widespread network and accessibility, Rapipago makes it easy for your loved ones to receive funds promptly. The simplicity of the process ensures convenience, while the reliability of Rapipago guarantees that your money reaches its destination securely. Embracing this method allows for quick and hassle-free transactions, providing peace of mind for both the sender and recipient. Moreover, it's a cost-effective option, ensuring that your hard-earned money goes further. Choose the efficiency and convenience of Rapipago for international cash transfers and experience a swift, reliable, and economical solution.

How can I send cash to Rapipago Argentina?

Rapipago has a dense network of Rapipago offices throughout Argentina. Money can be received quickly, easily and easily in these shops. Most shops are open Monday to Saturday from 8am to 9pm. Some of the offices are even open on Sundays to be able to withdraw money sent from abroad.
  1. The sender has to register once with Fonmoney Argentina and then, depending on the amount sent, go through a short identification process. Our excellent and friendly support team is here to help.
  2. Once this is done we will send your money to Argentina.
  3. There is an identification process for the recipient as well, so all safety precautions are observed there as well. The verification process in Argentina only needs to be done once every six months. A team of more than 30 employees is available there to provide personal help if needed.
  4. Finally, all that remains is to collect the money from one of the numerous offices in Argentina.

Instructions for the beneficiary to receive the money at a Rapipago branch

Please share this website with the beneficiary. To allow the beneficiary in Argentina to receive the money at a Rapipago branch, they must follow the following instructions: Validation of beneficiary's data 1. If the mobile phone number provided by the beneficiary in the transfer application is correct, the beneficiary will receive an automatic WhatsApp message from Remitee. This message will be used to verify the beneficiary's information. 2. The beneficiary must respond to the WhatsApp message and provide the following details:

- Their CUIL number.

- A photograph of the front and back of the beneficiary's identification document.

- A selfie with the visible face.

3. If the validation is successful, the beneficiary will receive two codes in the same WhatsApp chat: the client code and the withdrawal code.

4. To withdraw the money, the beneficiary must go to any Rapipago branch, show the client and withdrawal codes to the employee, and say the following phrase: "I request to withdraw the money from Remitee". Subsequently, the beneficiary will receive the transferred money.