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✔Send money to Cuba MLC card ✔ send money to Cuba BPA card ✔Send money to BANDEC Cuba ✔Bank account and card: BANDEC, BPA, Banco Metropolitano.
You are looking for the best way to send money to Cuba in 2023? You want to know how to send money to Cuba?
Fonmoney Cuba offers at the moment the safest way of sending money to Cuba. With Fonmoney Cuba you can send money to Banco Metropolitano Cuba, send money to Cuba to a BPA Card, Send money to a BANDEC card in Cuba or send money in cash. It is possible to send p to 5.000€, 4500 Pounds, 120000 MXP, 5 300 CHF to Cuba every 30 days. If you exceed the limit, please contact our customer support. We are very happy to help you continue to send money to Cuba.
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Send money to a bank account in Cuba
Send money in CUP to an account. Send money in MLC to an bank account in Cuba.
If your recipient owns a bank account in Cuba from BANDEC, Banco Metropolitano or Banco Popular de Ahorro, you can easily send money to their bank account. This way, you can send up to 5,000 CUP to a bank account in Cuba within 30 days. Fonmoney allows you to send money to a regular bank account, but also to a BANDEC card, a BPA card and a card from Banco Metropolitano.
  1. Choose the option 'send money' and fill in the amount of money you want to send to a bank account in Cuba.

  2. Fill in some receiver information, starting with which bank your recipient has an account with: you can send money to a bank account from BANDEC, Banco Metropolitano or Banco Popular de Ahorro in Cuba.

  3. Choose how you want to pay: bank transfer, direct banking or credit card.

  4. After you successful payment we will process your transfer and send your money to the preferred bank account in Cuba.
How much money to you want to send to Cuba?

Transfer money to Cuba in CUP or MLC

Sending amount Transfer fee Payment processing fee
100 USD 8.15 USD 0 USD
Your total Receivable amount
108.15 USD 100 MLC
Exchange rate
1 USD = 1 MLC
Regulated by Banco de Espana, a service by Easy Payment and Finance, EP, S.A., more information.
Sending money to Cuba with Fonmoney is 100% secure!

Do you want to find out why sending money to Cuba with Fonmoney is safe? Read our Blog and see for yourself why Fonmoney is the best address to send money to a Cuban AIS card, to be picked up in cash or sent to a bank account in Cuba.

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1500 27
500 22
750 35
1000 46
How to send money in cash to Cuba in CUP
If your recipient does not own a Cuban AIS card or you simply prefer to send money for a cash pick-up in Cuba, look no further! All you need to do:
  1. Choose the option 'send cash' to Cuba.

  2. Log in or register at our website. The user account gives you an overview of how much money you send to Cuba and it also allows you to resend money to Cuba to the same recipients.

  3. Provide us with some information about the person you want to send money to, such as name and address.

  4. Choose where in Cuba you want to send your money to. There are 78 locations of Banco Popular de Ahorro and 88 locations of Banco de Metropolitano in Cuba to choose from.

  5. Select your preferred payment method. Fonmoney offers payments via credit card, bank transfer or sofort banking.

  6. After your successful payment we will send your money to Cuba in the fastest way possible.

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