Send money to Cuba in cash

Send cash to Cuba. The money will be delivered within 1-2 business days

New at Fonmoney Cuba: Cash Payouts in Cuba

We now offer a new service: it is now possible to send cash to Cuba. The money will be personally delivered by our partner directly to your recipient.

With Fonmoney Cuba, you can securely and quickly send cash to Cuba. Your money will be delivered to the recipient's residence within 1-2 business days. There are no fees and no hidden costs. Trust Fonmoney Cuba for reliable and transparent money transfers.
Currently, we can offer this service for Havana. Don't forget to subscribe to our Newsletter ; as soon as new locations for cash payouts in Cuba become available, we'll be happy to inform you.

How to Send Cash to Cuba?

  1. Register:
    If you don't have an account with Fonmoney yet, create one. Enter your personal details and confirm your registration.
  2. Recipient details for cash payout in Cuba:
    Log in to your account and add the recipient's details. This includes the recipient's name, ID number, address, and phone number in Cuba.
  3. Enter the amount for the cash transfer to Cuba:
    Select the amount you wish to send. The final amount that the recipient will receive in Cuba will be clearly displayed.
  4. Pay for the cash transfer:
    Once we receive your payment, we will start the process to ensure the smooth transfer and payout of cash in Cuba.
  5. We handle the cash transfer to Cuba:
    We make sure that the cash reaches Cuba safely and quickly.
  6. Cash payout in Cuba:
    After 1-2 business days, our driver will contact the recipient. A time will be arranged by phone, and our partner in Cuba will send a driver to the recipient's address.
  7. Confirmation of cash receipt in Cuba:
    A photo will be taken to ensure that the cash has been received by the correct recipient.
  8. Confirmation of cash transfer for the sender:
    The successful payout will be confirmed in your user account and via email.

Advantages of Sending Cash to Cuba

Fonmoney Cuba
  • USD Dollar Directly: Money is exchanged directly into USD.
  • USD Cash in Hand: Sometimes, having USD bills on hand is necessary for making purchases.
  • No Fees: Send money without any additional costs.
  • Fast Delivery: Your money reaches the recipient within 1-2 business days.
  • Transparency: No hidden costs – the recipient receives the full amount.
  • Customer Service: Have questions about cash transfers to Cuba? Our customer service is here to help.
  • Speed: Money in Cuba has never been available in cash faster.
  • Flexibility: Choose the amount your recipient in Cuba should receive.
  • Security: You can rely 100% on us and our partners.
  • Cost-effective: It has never been cheaper to send money to Cuba.
Frequently Asked Questions about Sending Cash to Cuba
Yes! It is possible to send money to Cuba in cash with Fonmoney Cuba.
The delivery time is typically 1-2 business days after payment is received by Fonmoney Cuba. The recipient in Cuba will then be contacted to arrange delivery.
You can send USD (US Dollars) with Fonmoney to Cuba.
Fonmoney Cuba does not charge any additional fees for cash transfers to Cuba. The amount displayed corresponds to the amount paid out to the recipient.
Soon, we will be able to enable cash transfers to more locations.