Transfer money from Bulgaria to the UK

Send money onliney from Bulgaria to the UK
Have you ever asked yourself how to send money from Bulgaria to the UK without paying high transfer fees?
At Fonmoney you can send money abroad to the best exchange rate and with transparent fees.

Transfer money to United kingdom

Sending amount Transfer fee
100.00 BGN 1.96 BGN
Your total Receivable amount
101.96 BGN 45.56 GBP
Exchange rate
1 BGN = 0.4556 GBP
FCA regulated
How to send money from Bulgaria to the UK

  • First, you decide how much money you want to send to the UK
  • Second, you have to register with Fonmoney
  • In the next step you need to fill in a few receiver information, such as name and IBAN
  • Pay by bank transfer
  • After your successful payment the transaction will be processed
Money transfer from Bulgaria to the UK

Fonmoney is a safe and reliable money transfer service, we enable our customers to send money in many different countries. Our online service has already convinced many, you can take a look at our ratings at the independent rating platform Trustpilot and see for yourself.

To make a transfer from Bulgaria to the UK all you have to do is follow a few simple steps. First, you have to fill in the amount of money you want to send from Bulgaria to the UK. Second, you have to register at Fonmoney. The registration is required to ensure our as well as your safety and also gives you the possibility to resend transfers from the past. After your successful registration, you need to give as a few receiver information such as the Name and IBAN of your recipient. At the end of your transfer you will get an overview with all the information and Fonmonay bank data. You will also receive an e-mail with the banking details and transfer data. To pay for your transfer you can either transfer the chosen amount via online banking or transfer from the bank of your trust. As soon as your money arrives, we will process the your order and send the money to the UK.

For more information you can visit our FAQ's or contact our customer support.