Top up mobile credit worldwide with Paysafecard

Recharge mobile phones worldwide and pay by Paysafecard

  1. Paysafecard is an electronic payment method used to purchase goods and services in more than 2700 online shops all over Europe, including Fonmoney. The Paysafecard is based on a prepaid system.
    Simply buy a Paysafecard at one of many locations and start purchasing goods and services online. The advantage of using a Paysafecard is that the customer remains anonymous while shopping online.
  2. Paysafecard customers don’t have to add any personal information in order to use the service. Paysafecard users also limit their risk exposure to malpractice, since only the amount available on the card can be retrieved and no further financial damage can occur. Furthermore, no costs arise when paying with a Paysafecard. The online dealer pays for all costs and fees.
    The only costs that may arise are either an administrative charge of €7,50 if you are seeking a refund on your Paysafecard payments, or an administrative fee of €2,00 if the credit on the Paysafecard is not used within one year and you wish to extend the deadline.
  3. A Paysafecard can be bought at various locations such as gas stations, kiosks, the post office as well as many supermarkets and ATMs. The Paysafecard can be bought loaded with a credit of €10, €25, €50 or €100. Each Paysafecard has a 16-digit code that is required for each online purchase. When the credit is exhausted, the Paysafecard expires and a new Paysafecard has to be purchased for further online transactions. Paysafecard allows its customers to use up to ten Paysafecards at a time, allowing them to purchase goods and services of up to €1000.
  4. You can check your credit balance online on Paysafecard's website, just type in the code on the Paysafecard to get a balance overview. With Paysafecard you can buy products and services in many different currencies. To help with this, there is a currency converter on their website.
Paysafecards can be purchased in the following countries:

✔Argentina ✔Austria ✔Belgium ✔Canada ✔the Czech Republic ✔Cyprus ✔Croatia ✔Denmark ✔Switzerland ✔Finland ✔France ✔Germany ✔Greece ✔Ireland ✔Italy ✔Latvia ✔Luxembourg ✔Malta ✔United Kingdom ✔Mexico ✔the Netherlands ✔Norway ✔Poland ✔Portugal ✔Romania ✔Slovakia ✔Slovenia ✔Spain ✔Sweden ✔Turkey ✔Hungary ✔the USA
How to top-up a mobile phone in the Philippines and pay by Paysafecard?
  1. Fill in the telephone number you would like to top up with your Paysafecard

  2. Choose the amount you want to top-up with Paysafecard

  3. Select the payment method Paysafecard and login to your Paysafe account
Send money abroad online
With Fonmoney you can not only top up prepaid mobile phones and pay by Paysafecard, you can also send money around the world! Our service is fast and 100% secure. Choose the country you want to send money to and fill in the amount you want to send. Our currency converter will show you the transfer fee and how much money your recipient will receive. If you have questions concerning money transfer with Fonmoney, have a look at our FAQ's or contact our customer support.