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Would you like to send money abroad but you are not sure which company to trust? Are you looking for a safe and legit service to transfer money abroad? Fonmoney has many years of experience and our reviews are great. On this website we would like to tell you about our partners, our customer reviews and our experience with safe money transfer. This way you can learn how safe and legit our service is and why you can trust us.

Find an overview of all the countries you can send money to with Fonmoney here.
Safe money transfer thanks to
our partners
Fonmoney is licensed by the Financial Conduct Authority. The FCA is a British conduct regulator for financial services. It is their aim to protect the financial markets and to make sure the customer's data and money are safe. Fonmoney is controlled regularly to be fair and honest to their customers.

HooYu is an expert in customer identity verification and fraud investigation. They verify identities using a combination of digital footprints, ID document authentication and biometrics. We collaborate with them to make our service safer and more transparent and to protect our customers from online fraud. To verify for our service, you have to upload a (current) selfie and a copy of your ID. Additionally you can link your social media profile to speed up the identification process.
Experience, rating and reviews
of our customers
We have many customers who have been using our service for many years. Most of them use it to support friends and family abroad, some of them also use our service to transfer money abroad for business reasons. All of our customers leave comments and rate us on the independent and international platform Trustpilot. You can read through the reviews of our customers to see their experiences and to get us to know a little bit better. See for yourself how safe and legit Fonmoney is!

The trust of our customers makes us very happy and proud. We answer every contact and love to hear your experiences with our service. You can also follow and contact us on Facebook. We are happy to answer any questions about safety and legitimacy.
Safe payment

To provide our customers with safe and professional payment options we only cooperate with worldwide known and accepted payment providers:

To pay with Visa or MasterCard you need to fill in the safety code from the back of your card. To complete the payment, you will be sent to the site of your chosen payment provider. The payment is carried out by the professional companies, or in case of the option bank transfer, by your own bank. Our customers are safe and insured during the payment process.
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Is it safe to send money with Fonmoney?
More transparency and safety thanks to HooYu!
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fonmoney safety
Fonmoney is a safe and legit service with many years of experience
and great customer reviews
If you are looking for a safe and legit service to send money abroad you have found the right place to be. Fonmoney has many years of experience with sending money abroad and our customers always give us great reviews. We understand new customers want to make sure a service is safe and legit before testing it, therefore we have collected the most important information for you. Read through our customer reviews and learn about Fonmoney's collaborations with professional and established companies. We are happy to assist you with further, individual questions through our customer support.
Transferring money abroad with Fonmoney is very easy:
  1. First, you have to pick the desired destination country and fill in the amount of money you want to send. Our currency converter will immediately show you our fee and the amount of money that will reach your recipient.
  2. Register with Fonmoney free of costs. Our data is safe with us and will not be passed on to third.
  3. Fill in recipient information such as name, bank data and telephone number of your recipient. Check the information to make sure the money arrives safely.
  4. To pay for your transfer you can choose from our payment options: credit card, direct banking or bank transfer. Our payment providers are professional and 100% safe.
  5. After your successful payment we will take care of the rest and send your money to your desired destination safely and as quickly as possible.

For more information you can read through our FAQ's.