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T-Mobile Poland

Top-up T-Mobile online

Topping-up Polish T-Mobile prepaid mobile phones is easy, safe and anonymous at Fonmoney. Even a small amount can help support your friends and family.

T-Mobile has a wide range of services including Tak-Tak and Mix, as well as other packages such as "Między Nami". You can also use T-Mobile's services by adding specific Internet packages tailored to your needs, like the "Blueconnect Night", the "More GB" or the "Travel and Surf".


Recharge Polish T-Mobile online:

1. Enter 0048 (the country code for Poland) into the number field and the T-Mobile number you wish to top up.

2. Choose the desired top-up amount.

3. You can recharge T-Mobile with 40 PLN, 50 PLN, 80 PLN and 100 PLN.

4. Fonmoney’s payment methods include credit card, Paysafecard and Sofort Banking (direct transfer from your bank account).

5. A text is sent to the T-Mobile mobile phone with the amount received. Once the top-up is successful you will see a confirmation page on the Fonmoney site.

Top-up possibilities for T-Mobile

You get You pay in € You pay in £
40 zł11 €10.10 £
50 zł14 €12.85 £
80 zł23 €21.12 £
100 zł28 €25.71 £

T-Mobile Poland prepaid information

It is possible to check T-Mobiles balance with the code *101# (costs 0.04 zł with VAT).

You can also contact the Help Desk by calling *2222 or 888 002 222 (costs 1 zł per minute).

If you activate the free SMS service, the balance status of your account will automatically be sent to you every 14 days. To activate, send a free SMS with the content YES on 545 number.

T-Mobile allows you to extend the period in which you can make calls with your prepaid card, after the top-up has expired. Please send a SMS to 668 containing the word "TAK". This service will cost 3 zł.

To activate your T-Mobile voicemail please send the code *9602. T-Mobile's new prepaid cards come with voicemail activated.

Please note that if voicemail goes unused for over three months, it will be deactivated.


This is how you recharge T-Mobile with Fonmoney