Recharge or create an AIS card in Cuba. USD (MLC) AIS cards oder CUP AIS cards.

Recharge or create an AIS debit card in Cuba with Fonmoney Cuba.
Do you want to create a new USD (MLC) AIS card or recharge a USD (MLC) AIS card ?

The best way to support your loved ones in Cuba financially is to recharge an AIS debit card! It is easy, safe and very fast. If your friends and family do not have an AIS card yet you can request a free AIS debit card with Fonmoney Cuba!
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How to recharge an AIS card in Cuba?
  1. Choose option 'Recharge AIS card'.

  2. Register with Fonmoney to recharge Cuban AIS cards more quickly in the future

  3. Fill in some infromation about the person in Cuba whose AIS card you want to recharge.

  4. Choose how you would like to pay for your AIS recharge.

  5. Within 48 - 72 hours your Cuban AIS card will be recharged.
Cuban AIS debit cards

  • The AIS card is a free debit card in Cuba which can be recharged online.
  • It is well known and an accepted payment method in Cuba.
  • AIS cards make it possible for Cuban citizens to receive money from their relatives abroad.
  • Recharging an AIS card is comfortable and fast.
Recharge Cuban AIS debit card
The fastest and easiest way to support family and friends in Cuba is to recharge an AIS debit card. If your loved ones don't already have an AIS card you can request one for free. Register for free and choose 'Recharge AIS debit card'. Fill in the receiver information and decide how you want to pay. You can choose between credit card, SOFORT banking. If you do not have a credit card you can also send the money to our bank account and we will take care of the rest. Recharging an AIS debit card will only take a few hours and your loved ones can use the reloaded amount immediately. Does an AIS card have a limit? Yes. An AIS card can have a maximum balance of €10.000. With Fonmoney you can recharge €5.000 to an AIS card every 30 days. If you need to exceed the limit, please contact us via [email protected].

Click here if you would like to read more about recharging an AIS card in Cuba. Check out our ratings on the platform Trustpilot! Our customers always give us the best reviews. Do not hesitate to contact us with further questions! Simply send us an e-mail.

Alternatively to recharging a Cuban AIS debit card, you can also send money to be picked up in cash or transfer money to a bank account. Visit Fonmoney Cuba for more information.
How to create and recharge a new AIS card step by step

How can I create a green USD (MLC) AIS card in Cuba?
  1. First, log in to Fonmoney, if you don't have an account to create a green AIS card, create an account with us.
  2. In the next step, select the AIS card option to create a green USD (MLC) AIS card in Cuba.
  3. Now choose the amount with which you want to top up the new USD (MLC) AIS card in Cuba. (It is possible to send money in USD (MLC) to the green AIS card whilst creating the USD AIS card in Cuba.
    ATTENTION: At this point you have to choose that you want to create a card with USD (MLC). In addition to the recipient amount, you will see the Cuban flag and CUP. If you click here, you can change the currency to USD (MLC).
  4. Now all you have to do is click on "create new AIS card" The rest is self-explanatory and the new, green USD (MLC) AIS card is ready for collection in Cuba within 7 to 20 working days. From there, the AIS card in Cuba can be loaded with Fonmoney Cuba within a very short time.
How can I recharge a green USD (MLC) AIS card in Cuba?
  1. With Fonmoney, loading a USD AIS card is quick and easy. Our system automatically recognizes from the number of the AIS card whether it is a green USD (MLC) AIS card or a blue CUP AIS card and the currency is automatically changed on our site.
  2. You will be informed by a note of the USD - CUP currency change when loading a USD AIS card.
Where can you pick up a new AIS card in Cuba?
Province Adress
BARACOA Martí No. 356, Baracoa, Guantánamo
BAUTA Ave. 251 No. 13015, Bauta
CAMAGÜEY Gral Gómez 105 con Independencia y Maceo
CIEGO DE ÁVILA Calle Cuba con Honorato del Castillo y Maceo
CIENFUEGOS Calle 33 entre 56 y 58
GRANMA Ctra. Vía Santiago Edif. The News, Bayamo
GUANTÁNAMO Crombet entre Los Maceo and La Línea
GÜINES Calle 86 esq 45, Güines
HOLGUIN Frexes Esq. Calle Carbo
ISLA DE LA JUVENTUD Calle 39 e / 30 y 32. Altos del Servicupet. El parque
HABANA Ave. 3rd No. 408 e / 4 y 6, Playa
LAS TUNAS Ave. 1 de Mayo s / n Esq. A 45 La Victoria
MATANZAS Calzada de Esteban Esq. San Ambrosio, Pueblo Nuevo, Matanzas
MOA Ave. 1 de Mayo s / n Moa
PINAR DEL RÍO Luis Pérez Esq. Gerardo Medina s / n Pinar del Río
SANCTI SPÍRITUS Ave. de los Mártires s / n Esq. Circunvalante Olivos 1
SANTIAGO DE CUBA Felix Pena No. 565 e / Jose A. Saco y Aguilera
TRINIDAD Fausto Pelayo s / n, Servicentro Oro Negro, Trinidad, St.Spiritus
VARADERO 1st Street Ave. e / 15 and 16
VILLA CLARA Ctra. Ctral. Morata and / San Pedro and Virtudes

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