Do you want to send money to Cuba?
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Fonmoney makes it easy to send money to Cuba. There are two different options how you can send money to Cuba and for both options, the receiver does not need to have a Cuban bank account. You can either recharge an AIS debit card or send money to be picked up in cash. Because of our cooperation with the Cuban financial institution FINCIMEX and Cuban banks we can guarantee the safety of your transaction and your money will be in Cuba in no time - ready for your family to pick it up.

Recharge an AIS card from Europe

Recharging an AIS debit card is the fastest way to send money to Cuba. Within 3-24 hours the recharge will be completed and your loved ones can use their AIS card in Cuba.
Select the option 'Recharge AIS card' and fill in the AIS card number.
After you have made the payment we will take care of processing the transaction. We will transfer the money directly to the desired AIS card and your money will be available in Cuba within 3-24 hours.
As soon as the AIS card is recharged your receiver can use his or her AIS card in Cuba. It is possible to withdraw money at any ATM in Cuba and also pay in many shops and stores all over the island.

Create a new AIS card and top it up

If your receiver does not yet have an AIS debit card you can get one for free with Fonmoney. Select the option 'create AIS card' and fill in personal data such as the full name, address and ID number of the receiver. Choose one of our FINCIMEX partner offices where the card is to be collected. As soon as you have paid the transaction, the new card will be provided and the receiver will be informed when it is ready to be picked up.
Fonmoney works with the Cuban finance institution FINCIMEX and the Cuban banks. Together we are trying to answer all AIS requests from Europe as soon as possible to make it possible for you to send money to your family and friends. You can request an AIS card anywhere in Cuba where there is a FINCIMEX location. In Havana, the card will be ready to be picked up within 7 days, in all other parts of Cuba it will take 15 to 20 days.
Once the AIS card has been created, the receiver can pick it up in the chosen FINCIMEX location by showing his or her ID. There are no costs for the receiver while pick up or use of the card.

Send money to be picked up in cash in Cuba

Sending money to Cuba is very easy and quickly, you can even do it from home. To start a money transfer, you have to register with Fonmoney. Fill in a few receiver information and choose a payment method. As soon as we receive our payment we will process your transaction and your money will arrive in Cuba after a few days.
Our service is managed by our professional team and your transactions will be processed safely and as quickly as possible. Fonmoney works with FINCIMEX and the Cuban banks to ensure that the recipient receives the money without any problems.
A Cuban bank account is not necessary for this transaction. The cash transport usually takes up to 24 hours when the money is collected in Havana and up to 7 days in other provinces.

Products available for Cuba

Send top-up
Top up a prepaid mobile phone
Recharge AIS debit card
The money will be deposited on your AIS debit card balance.
From now on you can also send money to Cuba to friends!
Send cash
You'll be able to pick up the cash in more than 200 branches in all Cuba.
From now on you can also send money to Cuba to friends!
Recharge Nauta