How does money transfer to Cuba work?

Learn how money transfer to Cuba works step by step
How does it work to transfer money from Europe to Cuba?
  1. How does it work for the sender: the process of transferring money to Cuba is easy. Decide how you want to transfer money to Cuba:
    1. Send money for cash pickup to Cuba or
    2. Transfer money to a Cuban bank account or card: BPA, BANDEC and Banco Metropolitano
  2. Fill in the required information and pay for your money transfer. You can pay by credit card, Klarna direct banking or bank transfer.
  3. How does it work for us: Fonmoney works closely with the Cuban banks and Fincimex to make sure your money transfer works fast and safe.

How does it work to transfer money to be picked up in cash in Cuba?

Sending money to Cuba is very easy and quickly, you can even do it from home. To start a money transfer, you have to register with Fonmoney. Fill in a few receiver information and choose a payment method. As soon as we receive our payment we will process your transaction and your money will arrive in Cuba after a few days.
Our service is managed by our professional team and your transactions will be processed safely and as quickly as possible. Fonmoney works with FINCIMEX and the Cuban banks to ensure that the recipient receives the money without any problems.
A Cuban bank account is not necessary for this transaction. The cash transport usually takes 3 to 10 working days. If your recipient in Cuba does not pick up the money, it will automatically be returned to you after a period of 30 days.

How does it work to transfer money to a Cuban bank account?
Transfers to BANDEC, BPA and Metropolitano

If your recipient owns a bank account or card from Banco Popular de Ahorro, BANDEC (Banco de Crédito y Comercio) or Banco de Metropolitano in Cuba you can also transfer money from your EUR or GBP account to a CUP bank account. To do so, you have to register, choose the option 'Bank transfer' for Cuba and fill in recipient information.
As soon as you made your payment we will take care of your transfer and make sure your money is transferred to the Cuban bank account in the fastest way possible. Fonmoney works with the Cuban banks to ensure that the recipient receives the money without any problems.
There are no costs for the recipient. Your money will be transferred to the CUP bank account in Cuba within 5 to 7 working days (take European and Cuban holidays into account). At Fonmoney we collaborate with the BPA, Metropolitano and BANDEC banks in Cuba.

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