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Recharge Vip online
You can use Fonmoney to top up a Vip numbers in three easy steps. It is easy, quick and there is no need to register. You can pay for the mobile airtime with either credit card, direct banking or anonymously with a Paysafecard. Your friends and family in Croatia will appreciate the top-up surprise! Vip offers its customers various prepaid packages and tariffs. The package "Vipme" offers its customers various tariffs that allow you to talk for many minutes or to send a lot of SMS, what ever your preference is. Vip vouchers are used to top-up the balance once the airtime is low or to extend the validity of the prepaid SIM card.

You can also send money to a bank account in Croatia.
Recharge Vip Croatia
  • Start off by typing the Vip number into the number field above.
  • Next, choose the amount that you wish to top up. Fonmoney offers various top-up amounts for Vip varying between 50, 100 or 200 Kuna.
  • Once you have chosen the amount you would like to send, please select your preferred payment method. Pay via credit card, Paysafecard or direct banking (SOFORT Banking).
  • Fonmoney sends an SMS to the recharged phone number including a voucher code. This voucher code has to be activated. To activate Vip's voucher codes, dial the following code into your phone, replacing the X's with the voucher code.
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