Super Bonus Cubacel

Recharges of 250 CUP receive free + 500 CUP + 5 GB for 5 days.
Recharges of 500 CUP receive free + 3000 CUP + 25 GB + Unlimited Internet for 20 days
Recharges of 750 CUP receive free + 3000 CUP + 25 GB + Unlimited Internet for 20 days
Recharges of 1000 CUP receive free + 3000 CUP + 25 GB + Unlimited Internet for 20 days

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Super Bono Cubacel:
Each month you can benefit from Fonmoney's various promotional offers to top-up Cuban mobile phones online. You can top up from abroad with Cubacel and profit from the famous Super Bono.

Each time you top-up a Cuban mobile phone on our website during an ongoing promotional offer you will receive extra credit balance instantly and free of charge.Try our top-up service and surprise those closest to you with an extra balance of more than double the amount you are sending, this way you can always keep in touch with your loved ones in Cuba!
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2000 26 24 21 446
125 6 6 5 108
250 12 11 10 213
500 25 22 20 427
750 36 33 29 626
1000 49 45 39 853

Terms and Conditions

Super Bono Cubacel

Start date:June 07th 2023 (00:01 Cuba time)

End date: June 14th 2023 (23:59 Cuba time)

Validity of initial top-up amount: 330 days from recharge date

Validity of the promotional bonus: Bonus valid till 30 days after the recharge.

Dear customers! Have you been waiting for the Cubacel promotion? Well, here it is! Between June 07th (00:01 Cuba time GMT:-04:00) - to June 14th 2023 (23:59 Cuba time GMT:-04:00) you can receive for free additional balance. Get ready for the promotional week and make sure that you will not miss out the chance to top-up your relatives' mobile phone. You can recharge Cuban mobile-phones within seconds. So? What do you have to do in order to get your Cubacel Bonus? Introduce the phone number you want to recharge, chose a top-up amount, select the payment method and end the transaction. You will get your top-up instantly! We are already waiting for you! P.S Do not forget that you can also follow us in Facebook.

Note* Fonmoney is providing the information to their best knowledge and does not warrant or guarantee the accuracy or completeness of the information.

At the moment there are no active promotions for bank transfers.
While the Cubacel promotion arrives
you can send money to Cuba

Transfer money to Cuba in CUP or MLC

Sending amount Transfer fee Payment processing fee
100 USD 8.01 USD 0 USD
Your total Receivable amount
108.01 USD 100 MLC
Exchange rate
1 USD = 1 MLC
Regulated by Banco de Espana, a service by Easy Payment and Finance, EP, S.A., more information.
There is currently no active promotion for money transfers.

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