Recharge mobile phones in Cameroon

With Fonmoney you can top up mobile phones in Cameroon from abroad
Recharging a mobile phone in Cameroon was never that easy! Stay in touch with your beloved ones by following three simple steps. The most importnat providers in Cameroon are Orange Cameroon and MTN Cameroon, you can recharge both with Fonmoney!
How to recharge a mobile phone in Cameroon
  • Fill in the telephone number you want to recharge
  • Choose an amount you want to top up
  • Choose how you want to pay. Fonmoney offers you three different payment methods: credit card (Visa, MasterCard), direct banking or Paysafecard
  • The mobile phone in Cameroon will be recharged within seconds and can be used immediately after the successful payment
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7500.0000 13.0000 14.008317757235915450276490881 11.523915613899913258803746831 15.812622851916003347410622190
10000.0000 17.3000 18.641838246167795176137176327 15.335672316959115336715755398 21.042951949088219839246443376
5000.0000 8.6000 9.267040977863759451721370891 7.6235134061184041558240171344 10.460658194344432983671642372
Recharge Orange and MTN Cameroon with Fonmoney

Information for Orange users:

Information for MTN users:
Dial *155 to know your current credit
If you want to access the USSD portal, you have to dial *128#
To get a little extra fun you can dial *128*13# for Jokes
For Love Letters dial *128*17#
If you want to subscribe to Prayers for protection dial *128*19#
If you want to subscribe to words from Muhammed dial *128*4*3#
And for Local Sport News dial *128*21#
Visit for further information