Send money to Hungary

Transfer money to a bank account in Hungary
How to transfer money to a bank account in Hungary?
  1. Fill in the amount of money you want to send to the bank account in Hungary. Our currency converter will show you immediately how much HUF will be transferred to your Hungarian recipient. Our transfer fee for sending money to Hungary is €0.
  2. Register with Fonmoney.
  3. Fill in the recipient information. First, we need the recipients IBAN starting with 'HU'. Second, we need the full name of your recipient in Hungary. At last, fill in the Hungarian recipient phone number.
  4. Online Payment: choose between credit card, bank transfer and Klarna direct banking.
  5. After your successful payment, we will process your money transfer to Hungary. Your money will be sent to the Hungarian bank account within in 1 to 2 working days.
Transfer money to Hungary
Do you have friends or family members in Hungary you want to support financially? Do you regularly need to send money to a bank account in Hungary for business reasons or private reasons? Are you looking for an alternative to banks to transfer money to Hungary in a more efficient and modern way? You have found the right place. Fonmoney offers you:
  • an excellent EUR-HUF exchange rate
  • €0 transfer fees for all money transfers to Hungary
  • Many years of experience with international money transfers.
  • Friendly and courteous customer support. If you need help to send money to Hungary, do not hesitate to contact us!

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