Send money to Cuba MLC card

Recharge MLC cards from the banks Banco Metropolitano, BANDEC (Banco de Crédito y Comercio) and BPA (Banco Popular de Ahorro) online.

Recharge of MLC cards in Cuba offers a modern and convenient method to provide financial support to family members in Cuba. With Fonmoney, you can easily and securely transfer money to an MLC card in Cuba. Sending money to an MLC card is a contemporary solution to ensure cross-border financial support for families in Cuba. With Fonmoney, you can quickly and safely recharge MLC cards from BANMET (Banco Metropolitano), BANDEC (Banco de Crédito y Comercio), and BPA (Banco Popular de Ahorro).

From which countries can I send money to Cuba?
You can send money to Cuba from the US if you live in Florida or are located in Florida, as well as from Europe, the UK, Chile, or Mexico. Here is a list of all the countries from which you can send money to Cuba

How to Send Money to an MLC Card in Cuba?

  1. First, check Fonmoney's prices. We always show you upfront what it will cost to load an MLC card in Cuba.
  2. Choose how much money you want to send to the MLC card.
  3. Now, create a user account. If you're already a Fonmoney customer, log in.
  4. Select Cuba as the receiving country. In the product selection, choose "Send money to an MLC card."
  5. Enter the recipient's details in Cuba. It's crucial to select the bank where your recipient has an MLC card.
  6. After completing your transaction, we load the MLC card in Cuba.

How can I recharge an MLC card in Cuba?

With Fonmoney, you have the option to send money to an MLC card from the following banks:
✅ MLC cards from BPA (Banco Popular de Ahorro)
✅ MLC cards from BANDEC (Banco de Crédito y Comercio)
✅ MLC cards from Banco Metropolitano

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Frequently Asked Questions about MLC Cards in Cuba

The Cuba MLC card, also known as "Moneda Libremente Convertible," is a debit card in Cuba.
The card can be recharged online with Fonmoney.
The MLC card allows holders to purchase imported goods, shop at specialized MLC stores, and pay for services as it operates in foreign currencies.
The MLC card facilitates international money transfer, allowing family members abroad to send financial support directly to the cards of their relatives in Cuba.