Top Up mobile phones in Haiti

Prepaid top up for phones in Haiti
If you are looking for a fast, easy and reliable way to top up Haitian mobile phones, then look no further! Fonmoney is an international top-up service which lets you recharge prepaid mobile phones in Haiti or other parts of the world without hidden costs and without registration. Our attractive prices, user-friendly website and secure service is all that you need  to get an instant top-up! We work with both Digicel and Natcom, the two largest and fastest-growing mobile operators in Haiti. No matter what kind of prepaid plan you opted for, you can keep refilling it with a top-up from Fonmoney. Try it! We are fast, reliable and easy to use!

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How to top-up Haiti online?
  1. To start, please type in the number you want to top up in Haiti. You can recharge Digicel or Natcom prepaid phones.

  2. Next, select the amount you wish to top up.

  3. Once you have selected the amount, decide how you want to pay. Fonmoney offers payment with paysafecard or credit card (Visa or Mastercard). In case you do not have a credit card but do have a bank account, you can use our special service for direct bank transfers, Sofort Banking.

  4. Nearly done now! After paying for your transaction, we will immediately transfer the credit. Normally the recipient receives a text message containing the updated balance from the operator.
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