Top up Plus Poland

Fast and easy mobile top up for Poland Plus phones
Topping up Plus prepaid numbers with Fonmoney is easy, fast and anonymous. By sending top-ups to your family you can support your family and loved ones with a product they need.
The following products are offered by Plus: Plusie Mix, Plus Mixa and MixV. Plus also offers various types of SIM cards for modems, tablets and mobile Internet in its Plus CDMA network. These cards can also be topped up via Fonmoney.
Interested in sending money to Poland?
Recharge Plus online
  • Type in the receiving Plus number along with the country code +48.
  • Select the top-up amount.
  • Fonmoney offers top-ups of 40 PLN, 50 PLN, 80 PLN and 100 PLN.
  • Next select one of the available payment options: credit card, Paysafecard and Sofort Banking (bank account transfer).
  • Fonmoney notifies the sender of the successful top-up. Plus will send an SMS confirming the completed transaction.
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Products available for Poland

Send top-up
Top up a prepaid mobile phone
Type *100# into the phone number field and press send. You will receive information about current funds in your account and the validity period of your credit.

Additionally you will receive an SMS after each call with information about the duration of the call, and the cost (this option can be turned off).

Information about the validity of your Plus prepaid card can be checked by dialing *121#.

You can hide your number by dialing the code #31# including the number you want to hide your number from e.g. #31#691234567. When calling the number your phone number will not be displayed.

To get somebody else within the Plus network to call you, please send them a request by entering the following code: *139*NUMBER#. For example: *139*0691534567#.

To activate your Plus roaming, send the code *101*11*01# and to deactivate send *101*00*01#.

To extend validity, please send the code *136*11*10#. The activation of the extended period costs 10 zł.