Transfer money to Chile

Fonmoney makes transferring money to Chile easy

Transferring money online to a bank account in Chile just got easier than ever. Whether you want to financially support friends and family in Chile or pay bills there, Fonmoney is the place to do it. We make it as safe and simple to transfer money as with a traditional bank, but cheaper and faster! With the best CLP exchange rates and low, transparent fees, you can now make your online money transfer to Chile from the comfort of your home.

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Transfer money to Chile in a few simple steps:
Transferring money to Chile is easy with Fonmoney. All you have to do is follow this steps:

  • Fill in the amount you want to transfer to Chile

  • Login or register with Fonmoney

  • Fill in the name and bank data of the recipient in Chile

  • Choose a payment option: credit card or bank transfer

  • We will take care of the rest and your money will arrive in Chile within 1-2 business days
Transfer money to Chile online with Fonmoney
Fonmoney is the most efficient way to transfer money to Chile. We offer the best exchange rate and our fees are low.

To start a transfer just fill in the desired amount, our currency converter shows you how much money the recipient gets and how much you have to pay (including fee). If you do not have a Fonmoney account you need to register before you can fill in the recipient information. Lastly, just decide how you want to pay, Fonmoney offers various online payment options. After your payment, we process your transfer and take care of the rest. Your money will arrive in 1-2 business days.

If you have any questions concerning transferring money to Chile, do not hesitate to contact [email protected] or read through our FAQ's!