Recharge mobile phones in Senegal

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Our lives are busy, and sometimes we live far from those we love. Online transactions are a great way to be more efficient! If you live in Senegal and want to top up your own mobile phone, or you want to help friends and family by recharging theirs, Fonmoney is the right place for you.

In just three simple steps you can top up any mobile phone in Senegal within seconds. The most popular mobile providers in Senegal are Orange Senegal and Tigo Senegal. With Fonmoney you can recharge mobile phones from both providers as well as all other providers in Senegal!
Recharge mobile phones in Senegal
  • First, enter the telephone number you want to recharge in Senegal
  • Choose the amount you want to top up
  • Select how you would like to pay, whether by credit card (Visa, MasterCard), direct banking (SOFORT banking) or Paysafecard
  • After the payment goes through, the mobile phone in Senegal will be recharged within seconds, ready for immediate use!
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