Send money to Cuba from the United States

Transfer money to Cuba from the United States if you live in Florida or are in Florida

Send money to Cuba from the United States, Florida to a Bandec, Metropolitano, or BPA card.
Send cash in USD to Cuba.
Transfers to bank accounts in Cuba. If you live in Florida or are located in Florida, you can send money to Cuba from the United States.
How to send money to Cuba from the United States? If you live in the United States and want to send money to a relative in Cuba, you have come to the right place. With Fonmoney, it's very simple. Just follow these steps: First, register on our platform. Next, choose the method of sending money to Cuba from the United States. At Fonmoney we offer two options: transfers to bank accounts in Cuba and transfers to MLC cards of BANDEC, BPA, and Metropolitano. Then, enter the recipient's details and make the payment. At checkout, you must check that you are either located in Florida at thetime of the transaction or that you live in Florida. Once the payment is completed, your money transfer to Cuba from the United States will be processed. We will ensure the money reaches your recipient quickly.

How can I transfer money to Cuba from Florida?

Have you often wondered about that? The answer is Fonmoney, of course! Our company has a clear mission: to help Cubans who are far from their families. That's why we've developed a secure application that allows you to send remittances to Cuba from Florida in the safest and most guaranteed way possible.

It's very easy to use:
  1. Register on our website,
  2. enter your recipient's details,
  3. choose your preferred payment method ,
  4. and once the payment is made, our team of professionals will process your money transfer request from Florida to Cuba.

You have several options to send money to Cuba: MLC cards or bank accounts at BPA, BANDEC, and Banco Metropolitano.

At Fonmoney, we are committed to assisting all our customers, so if you have any questions, we will gladly answer them through our contact form.

Benefits of Sending Money to Cuba from Florida with Fonmoney Cuba

Online money transfers to Cuba
✅ Low commission and guaranteed service
✅ You can send money to bank accounts and cards from BANDEC, BPA, and Banco Metropolitano in MLC.
✅ Money arrives quickly and securely
✅ Payments via bank transfer, both online and in person
✅ Excellent USD - MLC exchange rate
✅ Professional and attentive customer service
✅ We ensure your money reaches Cuba safely and guaranteed
✅ Hundreds of satisfied customers every day

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