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Top-up possibilities Poland

You get You pay in € You pay in £
40 zł11 €10.10 £
50 zł14 €12.85 £
80 zł23 €21.12 £
100 zł28 €25.71 £

How to top up Polish prepaid mobile phones:


Top up prepaid phones in Poland

Fonmoney's online store offers a convenient and fast 24hr mobile top-up service in Poland. There is no need to register, and sending top-ups is one of the simplest ways to support your loved ones.

Poland’s major mobile network operators are Orange, Plus, T-Mobile, Play and Heyah. They all offer a wide range of options and SIM cards and all of them can be topped up with Fonmoney. Their prepaid offers range from prepaid call plans to Internet broadband plans, supporting 3G.


Recharge Polish prepaid phones

1. First type the Polish number you want to recharge into the field.

2. On the next page, please select from the top-up amounts provided.

3. Polish operators can be topped up with 40 PLN, 50 PLN, 80 PLN and 100 PLN.

4. On the checkout page, please select your preferred payment method. You can redeem vouchers as well as pay via credit card, SOFORT Banking (direct transaction) or Paysafecard.

5. After the top-up is completed, the recipient number will receive a notification that includes the new balance.

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