Recharge Reliance online

Send Reliance top up to India online
With Fonmoney, you can recharge Reliance prepaid cards without registrating! The top-up process is fast, easy and reliable. You can recharge all of Reliance's prepaid cards of all circles wherever Reliance Communications is available.
Reliance is the second largest mobile network provider in India and is operative in every circle. Reliance has a variety of prepaid plans and top up schemes that have great benefits. Each offer may vary from circle to circle. Reliance offers 2g and 3g in many circles but total coverage in India is not guaranteed.
Top-up Reliance online
  • First, enter the Reliance number. Make sure that India's country code is included (+91).
  • Now choose the amount you wish to recharge the Reliance number with.
  • On Fonmoney you can recharge Reliance prepaid with 500 Rs (€9).
  •  The top-up can be paid for via a credit card, paysafecard or a direct bank transfer.
  • Upon success, the recharged number should receive a confirmation text message from Reliance with the updated balance and Fonmoney will display a success page to the sender.
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298.0000 5.0906067397209135457409196302 6.6121513924838954518031255471 3.6516067997762591502711641817 245.53530593776151645485861094
399.0000 6.7874756529612180609878928403 8.816201856645193935737500729 4.8688090663683455336948855756 327.38040791701535527314481458
598.0000 10.181213479441827091481839260 13.224302784967790903606251094 7.3032135995525183005423283634 491.07061187552303290971722187
698.0000 11.878082392682131606728812471 15.428353249129089387540626277 8.520415866144604683966049757 572.91571385477687172800342552
1000.0000 16.968689132403045152469732101 22.040504641612984839343751824 12.172022665920863834237213939 818.4510197925383881828620365
1499.0000 25.331828776230260263329814350 32.903324786407955938734600937 18.171090979839003866825555095 1221.8304509760037366444154687

Send text message “BAL” to 55333 (free of charge) and you will receive a message with your current balance as well as the validity of your SIM-card.

You can call *225/*226 (CDMA) or *367# (GSM) from your Reliance number to get any details you wish.