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Five great things to call home about

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We live in a time where almost everyone at some point or another thinks about going abroad for work or travel. To do this though, you will have to say goodbye to family and friends back home, and start all over in a new country, maybe learning a new language, getting used to a different climate, a different culture. And though it may be hard at first, we often recover from being homesick and see the benefits of being abroad.

Get in touch from far away

Those who live away from home already know that there are some joys you can only achieve once you have gone. That first job, the first time you understand a cultural reference, or recognise a local custom - and when it happens, you want to tell your people back home!

I found a job! This is probably one of the first events that those back home are waiting to hear. After moving away, you finally found that job that will help secure your decision and future. Hearing the joy and congratulations from those who care about you is what finally helps the good news sink in!

I’ve met someone. There is a time for work, but there is a time for play too. See things, go places, meet people, and perhaps even fall in love! When you meet that special someone, you are just aching to tell your friends and family back home of your happiness.

I achieved a goal! Finished studies, a new car, a promotion in the workplace - life away from home is often an accumulation of individual steps that are achieved one by one. And every time another level is reached, you are filled with great joy, joy that needs sharing!

I’m coming to visit! No matter how well you are doing in your adopted home, there is a spacial place in everyone’s heart for where they come from. And sometimes, you are lucky enough to go home to visit for special occasions, or to get some much needed respite. Who is happier at the news that you are visiting - you or your mother?

We are having a baby! This is certainly the best news of all, but once it’s out, the phone will not stop ringing with people calling to congratulate and suggest names and ask for any and all new information, everyone wants to be a part of this special occasion!

Anyone who lives away from home knows that keeping the connection alive is one of the things that can keep us going day to day. Fonmoney helps you stay in touch with your loved ones in the fastest, safest and most affordable way on the Internet, so that you can share your good news at any time. To learn more, just visit this link!