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Fonmoney is the expert for money transfers to Latin America!

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Are you looking for an online service to support your friends and family in Latin America? Do you want to transfer money to different countries in America? Fonmoney is the expert for money transfers to Latin America.

From Central America to the Caribbean, from South America to the North: Fonmoney offers you the most efficient online service to send money to Latin America. Our service is safe and fair, we have transparent fees and exchange rates. We work with more than 500 banks all over Latin America to ensure the safety and speed of your money transfers: Mexico, Cuba, Chile, Peru, Argentina, Colombia, Haiti and many more.

Sending money to Latin America with Fonmoney is user-friendly: all you have to do is register on our website, choose the destination country an fill in the amount of money you want to send. After that, you have to fill in some recipient information and complete the payment process. At Fonmoney you can send money to Latin America and pay by creidt card, direct banking or bank transfer. After your successful payment, we will send your money to it's destination in the most efficient way possible.

Our service is very fast! Depending on the destination country in Latin America, your money transfer will reach your recipient within 2 to 24 hours (on working days).
Fonmoney is the expert for Latin America in all aspects. Safety, speed, exchange rates and also transfer fees. Our fees are a lot cheaper than fees of conventional banks. If you have any other questions about sending money to Latin America, visit our FAQ's or contact our customer support. We are happy to help you send money to Latin America!

Visit our Latin America site to find a list with all the countries in Latin America you can send money to.