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Mobile Airtime Transfer in Poland – At the moment only Plus let’s you share

The transfer of mobile credits within Poland is only possible within the mobile network of Plus. The exchange of mobile credits between other networks to share and distribute your mobile money to friends and family is traditionally not possible but in some cases within one mobile network, even though sending mobile money between friends and family could be a great way to support friends and family. Sending money is already well established in various countries, a prime example are the Philippines, it has not fully been established in Poland, with the exemption being Plus. SimPlus is the second largest mobile network in Poland and also one that is appealing to the younger generations with innovative products. Plus offers the transfer of mobile credit between prepaid phones for a couple of years now. The service of mobile money transfer by Plus is called “Teleprzelew”“ and is operated through SMS codes. To transfer your top up to another Plus prepaid phone, you have to send a text message to 5511 containing the text “P [Amount] [Plus Number]”, for example “P 15 600 666 666”. Once the message has been send, you will receive a SMS by Plus with the details of the transfer request, including the Plus number that will receive the top up and the amount of mobile money you want to send. If the details are correct, send a SMS within 15 minutes to 5511 with the word ‘TAK” (yes). Plus will charge you a fee of 5 gr including VAT for the transfer of mobile credit. You can only send and receive 20 PLN within a period 30 days. Receiving top up from another prepaid number will not extend the validity of the Plus Sim-card.