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Mobile Money Transfer in Romania

Orange, Vodafone and Cosmote mobile credit transfer

In Romania the prepaid customers of Orange, Vodafone and Cosmote can send mobile credits within the each network. The Transfer of money between two numbers allows people who share their mobile credits with each other. This could be the case when somebody is recharging their phone and distributes the mobile credit within his family. The network operators still strictly regulate the transfer of mobile credits in Romania. They impose limits on how much and how many times you can send mobile credits to other prepaid phones. Nevertheless this useful feature is free of any charge for the customer. Mobile money transfer also plays a vital role in remittance. People who live and work abroad can send their family and friends mobile credit, for instance via Fonmoney. The people who receive the top up can then distribute it again to their friends. This saves the sender extra charges for the top up. For instance could a Romanian diaspora who lives in Italy top up his wives phone, who still lives in Romania, and she could distribute the mobile credits within the family, for free and the husband would only have to top up one number instead of many.

Mobile credit transfer – Orange Romania

You can send mobile credits from one Orange prepaid card to another Orange prepaid card by dialling the code (free of charge) *100#. Here you will enter a display menu where you have to follow the instruction. You can send between 1 and 3 Euros worth of credits. Once the mobile credit transfer has been successful, the sender and the receiver will receive a short text message, stating the amount that has been received, or rather deducted. Orange Romania limits the amounts of transactions to other prepaid cards to 3 times each month. The validity of the receiver’s prepaid card will extend for 5 days and is also restricted from making any further recharges for 30 days. The use of this service is free of charge and the transfer of the mobile credit is free as well.

Mobile Credit Transfer – Vodafone Romania

Vodafone Romania has various ways of transferring mobile money between two prepaid phones. You can log on to your Vodafone account you should find under menu point Services – transfer credits Alternatively, you can dial *100#. Here a menu will show up where you have to select 1. My Account, 2. Credit in advance and SOS Services and 3. Transfer Credit Another alternative is to call *222 and select the option 1. Your Credit and Services 2. Out of Credit? and 3. Offer/Ask for Mobile Credit. Vodafone Romania allows transfer mobile money in values of 1 Euros, 2 Euros and 3 Euros. The receiver of the mobile credit will receive a short message with the details about the mobile money transfer.

Mobile Credit Transfer – Cosmote Romania

You can transfer mobile credit within the Comsote network with this easy to use code: *444* amount*number# One example could look like this: *444*3*0760001000#. Once the code has gone through, you will receive a text message from Cosmote with the transaction details. If all the details are correct you will have to dial *444*1# to confirm the credit transfer. Remember: you can only send values of 1, 2 or 3 Euros. The receivers activity period will extend for 7 days when one euro is received, for 13 days when two euros are received and for 21 days when three euros are received.

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