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How do I make an international money transfer with Fonmoney?

To transfer money to a bank account with Fonmoney, there are just a few simple steps.

  • - Visit, select the country, and then choose the option "Transfer money online."
  • - Enter the recipient’s name and IBAN
  • - Enter the amount you want to send. *
  • - Make your payment by credit card or Sofort Banking.


That’s it! Once you pay, we take care of the rest and make sure your money transfer is safely sent to the beneficiary's account.


*ATTENTION! Depending on the amount of money transferred, we may request some information from you. We are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, and are required to verify our customers in order to ensure that all money transfers are safe and secure.


What should I provide as information or documents to send money?

  • - For transfers of up to €100.00 you are not required to provide any documents or information.
  • - For transfers between € 100.01 - € 500, we must verify your identity as required by the Financial Conduct Authority. In this case, we need to confirm your current address (where you currently live) or attach a copy of your passport as a .PNG or .PDF file that is more than 800 px wide. Attachments as well as the expirations date must be clearly visible.
  • - For larger transfers of €500 or more, we must verify your address, as well as ask that you upload one of the documents listed above.


How long does an online money transfer take?

Normally an online money transfer Fonmoney takes 1-2 business days, though in some cases security checks can cause a slight delay. If you are transferring a larger amount, Fonmoney may request some additional information, in compliance with the international regulations imposed by the Financial Conduct Authority.


How can I see the current status of the transaction conducted?

In order to make a money transfer on Fonmoney, you will need to register. Once the registration has been confirmed you can log into your account anytime, and view the details of all your transactions.


Is it safe to transfer money online with Fonmoney?

Fonmoney is an authorised payment institution acting according to regulations imposed by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and controlled by HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC). By complying with all requirements and regulations of these institutions, we are able to ensure safe and reliable money transfers.


Fonmoney not only secures its safety in its role as a payment institution, but also by providing a secure website. You can find more details on the safety of the website here.


What commission is charged to transfer money online?

At Fonmoney all money transfers are free, we do not charge for your transaction.


How much money can be transferred for a single transaction?

Each customer can transfer a maximum of €2,000 per transaction.


Is there a maximum transfer amount permitted per month?

Yes. At Fonmoney you can send a maximum of € 3,000 per month. That means you can transfer money from abroad from various bank accounts but only without exceeding € 3,000 per month.


Can I send money online on any given day?

Fonmoney itself, and its website are available to you any time, and you can place your order at any time, but it will only be processed on a regular banking day for the recipient country.


What exchange rates does Fonmoney offer for online money transfers?

Fonmoney offers the best exchange rates!

Attention! If your money transfer takes place outside of trading hours, the foreign exchange rate is likely to have altered by the time business starts up again. If such changes take place, you will be notified by e-mail. We reserve the right to adjust the exchange rate while the markets are closed (on weekends, on holidays) to avoid potential losses due to varying exchange rates and to ensure that money transfers of our clients are made successfully to the end.


Hopefully most of your questions were answered here, but if you are still curious for more information, check out our FAQ page, or contact our Customer Support team at [email protected]!

The financial service is provided by Mi Envío Entidad de Pago, S.L., a Transpaygo Limited subsidiary, with registered office at Avinguda de Francesc Cambó, 17, 1st floor (08003 - Barcelona). Mi Envío is registered with the Bank of Spain under reference number 6926, as an authorised financial institution.

The technical service is provided by Fonmoney GmbH, located at Alser Strasse 21/6, 1080 Vienna, Austria.