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New exchange rates and 0€ transfer fee


At Fonmoney, we are constantly working to improve our service and to meet the needs of our customers. Therefore, we have lowered the prices for transferring money abroad: new, improved exchange rates and no money transfer fees within Europe. From now on sending money to your relatives or paying bills or fines abroad is even cheaper for you. Take advantage of our improved service and send money abroad with Fonmoney.

Our service works as always:
1. Select destination country, sender and receiver currency and amount

For example, send money to Poland or Bulgaria, transfer money to Austria, Germany or Croatia.
Our currency converter will immediately show you our new, improved exchange rate. As you will see, we charge €0 transfer fee.

2. Login or Register
The registration at Fonmoney is free and not binding. In addition, you have many advantages: you get an overview of all your transfers and can repeat past transfers with just a few clicks. By subscribing to our newsletter you will always stay up2date and will be informed about promotions and new offers.

3. Fill in recipient information
Not only you benefit from transfers with Fonmoney. Thanks to our new exchange rates and the €0 transfer fees, you can transfer more money to your beneficiary for the same amount. The recipient will not be charged for the transfer.

4. Pay safely and easily online
The easiest way is to pay by bank transfer. Take advantage of our improved service and pay less for your money transfers abroad, thanks to our improved exchange rates and 0€ transfer fee.

The financial service is provided by Mi Envío Entidad de Pago, S.L., a Transpaygo Limited subsidiary, with registered office at Avinguda de Francesc Cambó, 17, 1st floor (08003 - Barcelona). Mi Envío is registered with the Bank of Spain under reference number 6926, as an authorised financial institution.

The technical service is provided by Fonmoney GmbH, located at Alser Strasse 21/6, 1080 Vienna, Austria.