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Send money to Turkey online - with Fonmoney!

Send money to Turkey from Europe at the current exchange rate!

Banks and other money transfer services charge high fees to send money to Turkey. Fonmoney not only offers the lowest fees, but the fastest transfers! So transferring money to Turkey just got easier and faster.


Just click the link “Transfer money from Europe to Turkey” and enter the amount you want to send in Euro.

With Fonmoney, your transfer will always be made at the most up-to-date exchange rate, plus the amount is displayed in Turkish Lira from the first step! There are no hidden fees and the recipient does not pay for anything.


Please make sure that you correctly enter your personal details (name, IBAN), and then pay via credit card or instant transfer. As soon as the transaction is confirmed, your money is on its way, and only 1-2 business days later - it’s arrived!

If you have any questions before, during or after a transaction, feel free to contact our qualified customer service team [email protected]. We are always available for you, and are happy to help. 


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