Top-up Tele2 Croatia

Recharge Tele2 Croatia with Fonmoney

Fonmoney is an easy and comfortable way to top up your Tele2 by buying recharge vouchers. Fonmoney customers do not have to register to top up a mobile phone. Just three easy steps! Tele2 offers its customers three tariffs: "Smart", "Smiley" and "Revolution". The user can upgrade the tariffs with various options, such as extra minutes, SMS or GB for mobile internet.

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How to recharge Tele2 Croatia
  1. To start the process of topping up a Tele2 number, type the Croatian Tele2 number into the number field.

  2. On the next page choose the amount you want to send to the Tele2 number. We offer top-ups between 50 Kuna, 100 Kuna and 200 Kuna.

  3. The Tele2 top-up can be purchased via credit card, Paysafecard and SOFORT banking (direct banking). You can pay for the top up in various currencies, including Euro, GBP and Australian dollars.

  4. The Tele2 number that was recharged will receive a voucher code. The Tele2 voucher code is activated by dialling *131*XXXXXXXXXXXXX#, where you have to substitute the X's with the voucher code that was received in the SMS