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Fonmoney's current Cubacel promotion

Update: 31.10.2023:

Cubacel x 5!

November 6th to November 12th, 2023
500 CUP = 2500 CUP
750 CUP = 3750 CUP
1000 CUP = 5000 CUP
For top-ups of 500 CUP, 750 CUP, or 1000 CUP, you will receive
The current Cubacel promotion

The main aspects of this offer are listed below:

- To benefit from this Cubacel promotion, the top-up must be 500, 750, or 1000 CUP.
- The promotion is active from 00:01 on November 6, 2023, Cuban time, to 23:59 on November 12, 2023, Cuban time.
- For each top-up of 500-1250 CUP, customers will receive a 5x top-up. The bonus can be used for all services available to prepaid users (national and international calls, SMS, including SMS en tumovil).
- The bonus is activated immediately after the customer receives the top-up.

Top up Cubacel now
Cubacel Bonus at Fonmoney Cuba
What is the "Cubacel x 5" promotion?
The promotion allows customers who receive an international top-up of 500 CUP to 1250 CUP between November 6 and 12 of the current year to receive FIVE TIMES the amount topped up in their main balance. The main balance retains its validity period (330 days) from the top-up date.
How long is this new promotion valid?
It is valid from November 6, 2023, at 00:01 - Cuban time - to November 12, 2023, at 23:59 - Cuban time.
What is the top-up amount valid for this promotion?
The amount that must be loaded onto the Cubacel phone to receive the promotional bonus is between 500 CUP and 1000 CUP.
What can I do with the main balance I receive from this top-up?
With the main balance you receive from this top-up, you can perform all the usual actions you can with your main balance: make national and international calls, purchase packages and plans, make transfers, and activate the Amigo plan.
Does this promotion extend the validity of my existing data, money, and/or unlimited internet bonuses from previous promotions?
No, this promotion does not extend the duration of your active bonuses from previous promotions.
Does this promotion extend the validity of my active combined plans (national and/or international) and LTE packages?
The promotion does not extend the validity of your active combined plans (national and/or international) and LTE packages.

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