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How to send money abroad without a credit card

Send money and pay with bank transfer
We have good news for those who are interested in money transfer with Fonmoney but don't have a credit card.

We offer you the opportunity to send money and pay with bank transfer!


This new payment method has many advantages for you:

You don’t need a credit card to send money to your loved ones. All you need is a bank account.
The money will be transferred from your bank account to Fonmoneys bank account. After receiving your money, we will complete the transaction and make sure the receiver gets your money as fast as possible.
If you have access to online banking you can make the payment from home without having to go to the bank.


How can I send money abroad and pay by bank transfer with Fonmoney?


1. First, create a free account with Fonmoney. Then select the country you want to send money to. In the next step, you fill out the account details of your recipient and, of course, you choose the amount that you want to send abroad.

2. Select "Bank transfer" as your payment method.


3. In the next step you will have an overview of your transfer. This page contains the amount of your bank transfer, the reference number and bank account details of Fonmoney. At this stage, your transaction will be stored in the Fonmoney records, but it will not be completed yet. To complete the transaction you must make the transfer to us first. It is only a small step to complete your transaction and we will send your money to your recipient as soon as we receive your transfer!


4. Paying by bank transfers is very easy and fast. Just make sure to enter the IBAN and Fonmoney's BIC correctly during the transfer and add the reference number of your transaction. The reference number will look like this: FON-4900760111-23722. Be sure to enter the correct reference number so we can match your transaction successfully.


5. Your order will be stored in our system for three business days. We will send you an overview of your transaction and all the necessary data the by email. If you want to do the bank transfer at the bank office of your trust it is best to print out the email. This way you have all the needed data on one page.


6. Once we have received your money in our Fonmoney bank account, we will send it to the recipient abroad safely and as quickly as possible.

Money transfers with Fonmoney are fast, secure and always effective.
We have a lot of experience with money transfers in different countries all over the world and are happy to expand our offer with Money transfers to Cuba.


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