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Mobile Nauta Internet for Cuba in 2018!



The typical image of Cubans gathered around Wi-Fi points in Cuban cities may change in 2018! ETECSA plans to give every Cuban with a Nauta account the opportunity of Internet access in their homes. 


This news, announced by the president of Etecsa Mayra Arevich, represents an enormous advance in the private communications of the island, and allows Cubans to have internet at home, and anywhere else on the island, without needing to be in a public Wi-Fi spot.


Until now only a few professionals such as doctors or journalists could have internet at home. However, with this measure, any Cuban with a Nauta account will have Internet access from his own home. At an unbeatable price! 


As we already informed you a few months ago, recharging a Nauta account is now cheaper with Fonmoney. An hour of internet costs 1 CUC. If you recharge a Nauta account with 15 CUC the holder will be able to use Internet for 15 hours in Cuba!


We at Fonmoney are happy about the great news and will continue to offer you the fastest and cheapest service to recharge Nauta accounts in Cuba. 


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We wish all Cubans a good start into the new year 2018!