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Money transfers with Fonmoney are now even faster and safer thanks to the HooYu verification system!

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Fonmoney has reason to celebrate! As of October 12 we have been able to count on the invaluable help from HooYu to improve our bank transfers.


The company is specialised in identification technology, which we have integrated into our site to assist in verifying our customers’ identity. We know that money transfers are serious and important, so we make sure to supervise and control every step during the security process of the transaction. And thanks to HooYu, we now use accurate facial recognition analysis in order to verify ID documents, making every transaction faster, easier and safer for our clients.


There are three ways to identify yourself for our system:

- Take a selfie

- Share your Facebook or LinkedIn profile

- Take a photo of your ID card, passport or driving license


This process is now not only better in protecting against fraud and risky operations, but it’s easy and accessible.


This news was received with applause from experts in the bank transfer sector. In addition to HooYu’s article on our new collaboration, many Internet portals have also started to follow us in using this recognition technology.


MobileIDWorld has reported the increased speed and security of money transfers with Fonmoney, and Biomé agrees, while noting that the Fonmoney processes are also increasingly efficient. The financial portals The PaypersFinextra and Planet Biometric have highlighted the extra security Fonmoney now offers for making money transfers.


The most important thing for us at Fonmoney is the security of your money. That is why we are so happy we have been to go a step further in our collaboration with HooYu to offer our clients more transparent and secure services.

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