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USD (MLC) AIS cards in Cuba

USD (MLC) AIS cards in Cuba

There is a new AIS card in Cuba. The green AIS card is recharged with USD or MLC. Do you want to create a new USD (MLC) AIS card or recharge an USD (MLC) AIS card ? Fonmoney Cuba has been offering sending money in form of USD to Cuba since the beginning of the year. It is possible with the new green USD (MLC) AIS cards. Or you can also send money to a bank account in Cuba in USD (MLC) with Fonmoney Cuba. Since mid-July, over 70 shops in Cuba started to accept the USD (MLC) AIS card in Cuba as a payment method. How can I create a green USD (MLC) AIS card in Cuba? With Fonmoney Cuba it is easy and quick to create a USD AIS card in Cuba. Creating the card does not cost anything. Take the opportunity and send money to Cuba with your first order for a new green AIS card in USD. How can I top up a green USD (MLC) AIS card in Cuba?

Fonmoney is a popular platform for people to transfer money to Cuba. Recharging USD MLC AIS card in Cuba is done within a few minutes and your money is always 100% safe with us. What is MLC? What is the new green USD (MLC) AIS card? MLC stands for “Moneda Libremente Convertible”, meaning: free convertible money. The Cuban government has approved this currency in selected stores. The reason behind this was the use of USD and other foreign currencies on the black market. You cannot use this USD (MLC) money in cash in Cuba, but with the USD (MLC) AIS card, which is now available in Cuba. Sending USD (MLC) to a USD (MLC) bank accounts in Cuba is also possible.

Why does everyone in Cuba suddenly want a green USD (MLC) AIS card?

In mid-July, Cuban Economy Minister Alejandro Gil announced on state television that the 10% tax on the exchange of USD in Cuba will be abolished. At the same time, 72 shops in Cuba use the green AIS card as a payment method. Fonmoney has had experience sending USD to Cuba since early 2020. Both new cards and existing USD AIS cards are created and loaded by and for Cuba. Since the reduction of the 10% tax, the green AIS card with USD or MLC has become interesting in Cuba. Can I withdraw money in Cuba with a green AIS card? Yes. However, the bank may charge a commission for this. We recommend our customers to continue using the blue if CUC in cash is needed in Cuba.

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