Worldwide remittance and mobile top-up

Fonmoney aid for those affected by Hurricane Matthew


➜ Recharge mobile phones in Cuba, Dominican Republic and Haiti.



Hurricane Matthew has swept over several countries, leaving behind uncertainty, fear and destruction. Here at Fonmoney, we are shocked, and want to show our condolences to all Cuban, Dominican and Haitian families affected by the disaster.


In these times of anxiety we know that communication is essential, so we have reduced the price of our top-ups in Cuba, Dominican Republic and Haiti with 10% until 14 October.


With this measure we want to help everyone get in touch with their loved ones after the disaster. We are aware of how important it is to know our relatives in these difficult times, so we want to give our full support by reducing our prices, while offering, as always, the fastest and most secure way to hear from their island.


We also want to give you the chance to send money directly to those you are worried about, friends, family, loved ones.


Fonmoney sends its condolences and compassion to the victims of the terrible devastation and hopes it will not happen again.


We are all thinking of you,

Your Fonmoney Team