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New: Send medicine to Cuba

How can I help if someone needs medication in Cuba? How to buy online and send medicine to Cuba.


Send Pharmacy products, medicine or products from the drug store to Cuba with Fonmoney Cuba


Send remedies for ✅ Headache ✅ Heartburn ✅ Muscle pain ✅ Plasters ✅ Disposable masks ✅ Vitamins ✅ Pharmacy products, ✅ medicine ✅ products from the drug store. Shipping within a very short time. Our partners in Cuba usually deliver on the same (working) day. 


Send medicine to Cuba now


Sending medicines and medication to Cuba from all over the world is sometimes prohibited or subject to strict conditions. But how can you still help? Especially now that there is a shortage of medicines in Cuba, quick and easy help is often required.


Sometimes the most important things in the fight against diseases are missing in Cuba. Disposable masks or antibacterial gels are sometimes difficult to obtain. Medicines for headaches or viral infections are in short supply. If it is possible to send medical products to Cuba in one package, there are three concerns that could arise.


  1. What are the fees for shipping medicines to Cuba? What about toll? Who has to pay and how much?
  2. The question that always arises when packages with medicines are sent to Cuba: will the package actually arrive?
  3. Last but not least, the question remains: when will the medical products be in Cuba. Especially when a family member or friend is sick on the island, you want to help as soon as possible.


With Fonmoney Cuba it is now possible to send goods to Cuba. In our selection, in addition to shipping groceries and food, we offer: Sanitary items and mixed packages also ship medicines to Cuba.


Shipping medicines to Cuba


We currently offer three different combos with medical products and medicines. The most important questions about shipping medicines to Cuba are answered here:


  1. There are no costs for the recipient in Cuba. The sender can also see immediately and at a glance what it costs to send a package with medication to Cuba with Fonmoney Cuba. 
  2. With Fonmoney Cuba you can be sure that the medication will reach the right recipient in Cuba. We offer a 100% money back guarantee. After ordering, you can see in your Fonmoney user account whether the delivery of medicines has already taken place in Cuba. 
  3. The package will be delivered directly to your home. We guarantee delivery. In most cases, the package is delivered in Cuba on the same day, so the medicines end up quickly and safely where they are most needed at the moment. Just note, we can only process the order on working days. Our partners in Cuba assemble and deliver the packages with the medical products and medicines on working days.


What are the options for sending medicines and medical products to Cuba?


We offer three sizes with different medicines and dietary supplements for Cuba. The composition of the combos is constantly changing. Click here to see what is currently available in our packages of medicines for Cuba.


Large Pharmacy Combo

Our Large Pharmacy Combo is very popular and includes for example:


  • La Llave coffee 284g - 1
  • Vitamin Fish Oil - 18 Capsules
  • Vitamin B, Super B or B12 - 30 tablets
  • Vitamin D or D3 - 24 capsules
  • Calcium - 30 tablets
  • Melatonin - 20 tablets
  • Heartburn Remedy - 55 Tablets
  • Antiallergic Diphenhydramine - 36 Tablets
  • Paracetamol 500 mg - 40 tablets
  • Low Dose Aspirin 81mg - 36 Tablets
  • Disposable masks - 10
  • Sore throat tablets - 25 or 30
  • Nose drops - 113 g
  • Muscle Pain Relief Cream 57g - 1
  • Individual antibacterial wipes - 8 pieces
  • Antibacterial gel - 1 unit
  • Plaster box - 100 pieces


Medium Pharmacy Combo


(Always have a look the current list from the checkout. There you can always see immediately what is currently included in the combo and what is being delivered in Cuba.)

In the Medium Pharmacy Combo you will find, for example these products:

  • Vitamin Fish Oil - 18 Capsules
  • Vitamin B, Super B or B12 - 30 tablets
  • Vitamin D or D3 - 24 capsules
  • Calcium - 30 tablets
  • Melatonin - 20 tablets
  • Heartburn remedy - 55 tablets
  • Nose drops, decongestant
  • Plasters- 100 pieces
  • Paracetamol 500 mg - 40 tablets
  • Antiallergic Diphenhydramine - 36 Tablets
  • Muscle Rub for Muscle Pain Relief 57g - 1
  • Sore throat pills - 25 or 30 pieces
  • Disposable masks - 10 pieces
  • Low Dose Aspirin 81mg - 36 Tablets

Small Pharmacy Combo

The quickest and easiest help if someone gets ill in Cuba. Send a package to Cuba today and help will soon be available where it is needed. Our package includes for example:


  1. Pilón coffee package 283 g - 1
  2. Balm for rubbing the chest - 1
  3. Antiallergic Diphenhydramine - 24 Tablets
  4. Muscle Rub for Muscle Pain Relief 57g - 1
  5. Ibuprofen - 30 tablets
  6. Paracetamol 500 mg - 40 tablets
  7. Single antibacterial wipe - 6 units
  8. Disposable masks - 10


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