Worldwide remittance and mobile top-up

Top-up Plus, Orange, T-Mobile, Heyah and Play Poland and Pay with Norwegian Krone (NOK)

Finally Fonmoney has added another currency that polish people can use to top up mobile credit of their friends and family in Poland or even their own prepaid phone. The top-up for Plus, Orange, T-Mobile, Heyah and Play can be paid via credit card and paysafecard from Norway. If you pay in NOK from your Norwegian bank account, you don't pay any extra fees to your bank and you don't have to convert the currency into Euros or Polish złoty.

 The great thing about topping up your polish prepaid card via Fonmoney is that you don't have to register. All you need is the phone number you want to top up and your payment details. So topping up your Polish SIM is very easy and now it has become even more convenient to send mobile top ups by paying in various currencies, including Norwegian Krone.