Fonmoney AIS discount

Recharge an AIS card and take advantage of the safest service and the Fonmoney discount
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Advantages of the Fonmoney discount:
  • Recharge an AIS card in Cuba and take advantage of the Fonmoney discount. The transfer fee is lowerd!
  • With an AIS card you can support family members in Cuba in the easiest way.
  • Your Recipient will receive the amount of money you sent directly on his AIS card.
  • If your relatives don`t have an AIS card yet you can create a new card for free within your first transfer. The new card can be picked up in one of many Fincimex stores in Cuba.
  • You can recharge an AIS card easily from home. Fonmoney offers you different payment options: pay by credit card, direct banking (SOFORT banking) or bank transfer.
  • Fonmoney works together with the Cuban financial service and Fincimex, this is why Fonmoney can guarantee the safety of every transfer! But if something goes wrong you can still use the 100% money-back guarantee.

Transfer money to Cuba in CUP or USD

sending amount Transfer fee payment processing fee
100 EUR 7.50 EUR 0 EUR
your total receivable amount
107.50 EUR 109.93 USD
exchange rate
1 EUR = 1.0992 USD
fca regulated