Money transfer to the Philippines

Transfer money to a bank account with Fonmoney Philippines
How to transfer money to a bank account in the Philippines?
  1. First, fill in the amount of money you want to transfer as a bank transfer to the Philippines. Our currency converter will show you the amount of PHP your recipient will receive on the Philippine bank account.
  2. Regsiter at Fonmoney Philippines. To create a Fonmoney user account is easy and free of costs.
  3. Fill in the requested information from the person you want to transfer money to. There are no costs for the recipient when receiving your money transfer on the Philippine bank account.
  4. Choose a payment option for your money transfer to the Philippines: bank transfer, Sofortbanking or credit card.
  5. After your successful payment, we will transfer your money to the bank account in the Philippines in the fastest way possible.
Transferring money to a bank account in the Philippines
  • We offer you a great EUR-PHP exchange rate for transferring money to a bank account in the Philippines
  • Fonmoney Philippines has many years of experience with bank transfer
  • Our customer support is well experienced and is happy to assist you while transferring money to a bank account in the Philippines
Transfer money to the Philippines by transferring to a bank account
What bank account does your recipient in the Philippines have? Choose from Philippine banks:
Allied Bank PBCom
Asia United Bank Planters Bank
Bank of Commerce PNB
BDO PNB Savings Bank
China Bank RCBC Savings
China Bank Savings Robinsons Bank
Citibank N.A. Security Bank
Development Bank of the Philippines Security Bank Savings
EastWest Bank Standard Chartered
HSBC Sterling Bank of Asia
Land Bank Union Bank of the Philippines
Maybank WealthBank
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