Send money to Senegal

Sending money to Senegal in the most efficient way.

Two options to send money to Senegal:

Send cash to Wari Senegal


Transfer money to a bank account in Senegal


Recharge a mobile phone in Senegal
Are you looking for an efficient service to send money to Senegal? Do you have friends and family in Senegal you want to support financially? Fonmoney is the best address to send money to Senegal! Our service is fast and reliable, we offer you the best EUR-XOF exchange rate and our fee is transparent and fair. We have many years of experience with money transfer all over the world.
How to send money to Senegal
  1. First, fill in the amount of money you want to send to Senegal.
  2. Then you have to register at Fonmoney.
  3. In the next step, fill in some information from your recipient in Senegal
  4. Pay by credit card, direct banking or bank transfer and we will send your money to Senegal as soon as possible
Send money to Senegal with Fonmoney now
Send money online to Senegal with Fonmoney
Fonmoney is the most efficient way to send money to Senegal. Our service is easy to handle and customer-friendly, if you need help at any point, our professional and friendly customer service is happy to help you out! We have many years of expirience with Top up and sending money around the world. Fonmoney is licensed and controlled by the Financial Conduct Authority and we cooperate with numerous banks all over the world to ensure the safety of your sent money.

To send money to Senegal simply fill in the desired amount into our currency converter. You will see immediately how much money your recipient in Senegal will receive and how much you have to pay includung the transfer fee. It is simple to send money to Senegal with Fonmoney. As soon as you are registered with Fonmoney you can easily repeat a transfer within one click. You can pay for your transfer online with credit card, direct banking or bank transfer. After your successful payment we will take care of your money and send it to Senegal as soon as possible.

Do you have any questions concerning sending money to Senegal about sending money in general? Visit our FAQ's to find out more.

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