Top up Orange in Romania

Recharge Romanian mobile phones online and without registration
With Fonmoney, you can quickly and easily buy online top-ups for Orange Romania. It’s simple, safe and without the tedious registration process. Send top-ups to Romania in just minutes, it’s a convenient and affordable way to support your friends and relatives in Romania.

Orange Romania offers its customers a variety of prepaid products such as PrePay and Orange Young. For broadband products, customers choose between the payment plans Net New, Net Mail and Net Friends.

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Top-up Orange Romania online
  1. Enter the Orange number in the field.

  2. Choose one of the amount options. For Orange Romania top-ups, Fonmoney offers increments of €7, €10 and €20.

  3. Select your preferred payment method: direct banking, Paysafecard and credit card.

  4. That’s it! As soon as the top-up is successful, you will receive a notification on Fonmoney’s web page and the recipient gets an SMS from Orange with the updated balance.
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How to top up Orange Romania step by step
Top up Orange mobile phones in Romania

Orange Romania Prepaid Account Information

If you want to check your Orange prepaid account, you can either enter 333
enter *133# and press the call button.

You will receive a message about your prepaid credit balance (remaining airtime, messages and Internet data) and your SIM card’s validity period.

Details regarding your prepaid credit are also available in your online Orange account, under
How much money do you want to send to Romania?

Transfer money to Romania

Sending amount Transfer fee
100.00 EUR 0.99 EUR
Your total Receivable amount
100.99 EUR 470.22 RON
Exchange rate
1 EUR = 4.7022 RON
FCA regulated